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Are you worried about losing sales or your concerns are the falling interest in work by your staff members? Do you need to replace the whole workforce or is there another problem that you’re not able to identify in your staff’s behavior? As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we’ve worked with different business organizations and we noticed that most of the time the problem is having an unclean canteen area. Not sure how a dirty canteen may affect your staff’s work performance? Keep on reading!


Tell me…where does your staff eat during those lunch breaks that are meant to reenergize them, canteen right? But have you ever noticed that how clean your canteen’s tables and chairs are and your staff is developing different diseases by using them unintentionally? If we put aside the conversation about germs and diseases but still having dirty tables and chairs impact on one’s mood that eventually decreases the interest in work. Do you own an in-house cleaning staff or you need a third party cleaning company in Dubai to manage the cleanliness of your workspace – canteen in particular.


Do you think that these germs and diseases enter your office space during night or when no one’s in office? Saying that is partially right as they do enter your office space from outside but through your own staff member’s lunchboxes. See the food everyone places in the fridge might be fresh and 100% eatable but stuffing that electronic device of your canteen may make it dirty. Go around your canteen’s fridge and see its cleaning condition and you’ll have an idea about where these germs are hiding in shape of spillovers and old food items. As a provider of cleaning services Dubai, we always ask people to keep the fridge tramadol 50 mg buy uk clean in order to live a healthy life.


A clean work-space surely impresses everyone, including staff members and clients, but keeping one clean becomes a difficult challenge when you have a dirty canteen. The reason for stating that is because everyone would use the canteen area at least once a day and if the canteen floor is damp, you need to forget about having a clean office. When you place your foot on a wet floor, your shoes become a stamp and marks can be seen everywhere you go right? Now tell yourself what impression would anyone get from a dirty floor? As a leading cleaning company in Dubai, we always emphasize on having a clean and dry floor.


Usually the office workers exchange files through electronic devices but what if I tell you that they also exchange diseases and germs that eventually impact on their work efficiency and overall performance due to illness? Yes, that’s right as in our experience by working as a leading cleaning company in Dubai we’ve observed that when a company doesn’t emphasize on employing a cleaning staff they adopt these issues. And these plates and cups act as a medium to transfer one’s germs to another’s body.


That little electronic device which usually resides on a shelf corner might also be contributing to this falling performance issue – the oven. Whether you have someone to take care of canteen or the staff works on a self-service system, the ovens are one of the most used items in the canteen area right? And if it remains unclean after every use or end of the day, you’re inviting more trouble for your staff’s well-being that would affect your business.