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With the arrival of December, the holiday season is just about to start soon and everyone seems to be quite excited about the preparations already. What’s missing in this excitement and preparation is the precaution element so being the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we thought to give everybody a reminder about it. So…how would you like to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year right after few days of it? As Michigan State University states in their latest post about the most contaminated areas of an apartment, we thought to compile a list of such problematic areas that increase cleaning problem at your premise. Do indulge yourself in all the preparatory activities but always keep yourself and the guests safe from the germs and bacteria that are waiting for you touch the surface. Read on and discover the most contaminated corners of your apartment.

According to MSU:

cleaning services dubai

Experts at MSU have mentioned in their recent report that the chances of finding germs in door knobs double during the festive season. This is the time when an unexpected amount of people will touch the door knobs and either leave or receive a certain amount of germs by touching it. So the chances of increased diseases in the house also emerge that might be the reason that you’ll have to suffer from an illness later when the celebrations are over.

They, however, suggested some preventive ways to keep the door knobs clean and avoid any unpleasant instances but a question that remains unanswered that are the door knobs only place that germs find attractive? So being the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we found some other places that need your cleaning expertise and special attention to prevent any unpleasant encounter during the festive season.

Dirty corners around the place!

cleaning services dubai

As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we have more places to identify that hold germs and pile of diseases without even your notice. So here they are!

  • Imagine throwing a party on Christmas Eve and witnessing your friends and family showing up at your doorstep, can you guess what is the item that is more likely to hold germs and diseases? It’s the doormat that you’ve put at the entrance but forgot to give it a cleaning treatment lately. The dirt and contamination is likely to increase with every other person pressing it against the shoe sole and entering the place. The worse thing is the chances of these people borrowing some of the germs with their shoe soles.
  • Think again about the scenario you’d have with all the guests at your place and recount the chance of containing germs and diseases. Have you thought about the sofas that are more likely to be occupied during that party time? Yes, it is the article in your apartment that is usually occupied during party and contains germs due to the sweat or otherwise.
  • Since there would be people in your place so don’t forget that the bathroom area is going to be pretty occupied all day long. Nope! We’re not judging you on its cleaning plans but here’s one thing that you might have forgot, the towels. See the same thing cannot be usable again after being used frequently with different hands. Yes, you got me right here!
  • Here’s a pro tip from our experience of cleaning services Dubai, never leave the remote uncover as it could be a strongest channel in use of germs and contamination. See, it would move from hand to hand so you should better keep it covered instead of letting everyone contaminated or get contamination to their hands through your TV remote.


cleaning services dubai

These were all about the places or items that are more likely to preserve germs and spread contamination issues but what about the solution? Have you got any plan to deal with these issues or counting on Santa to grant you a cleaning wish? Don’t rely on fairytales as you still can control the cleaning problems by following our recommendations that are mentioned below:

  • Start with door knobs! Give them a gentle cleaning treatment with hot water in conjunction with soap to remove that unseen and thin layer of dirt.
  • Second, move towards the doormats that need your attention and remove the dirty one with a clean one to prevent any intrusion of germs with the arrival of guests.
  • Right before the party begins, you need to do something about the contaminated sofa and we recommend calling the sofa cleaners and seek for their professional help.
  • Ah! I think we’ve already suggested preventing the contamination issue with the TV remote by keeping it covered.

These are just precautionary practices that can save your party from ruining due to poor cleaning plan but if you want a thorough cleaning treatment then you should contact professionals. You may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 to mention all about your needs and get suitable cleaning quotes. Happy holiday season!