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Earlier this month The National reported a strange case in which a tenant was forced to vacate the apartment after asking the landlord to fix the cleaning problems. Basically, the apartment was affected by moulds which was impacting on the tenant’s health and creating various other kinds of problems. Upon investigating the matter, the problem was caused by a faulty AC duct that was making the premise damp which eventually led the tenant to face mould and other health related issues.

On the other hand, the landlord was assuming that it was caused due to tenant’s carelessness with respect to maintaining a sound cleaning system in the apartment. According to agreement and tenancy rules in UAE, the landlord has to bear all the expenses that incur in maintaining the facility. However, the landlord did agree on fixing the issue but on a condition that he doesn’t want to see the tenant in his apartment after the agreement ends instead of renewing the contract.

What Went Wrong?

According to the tenant, the situation was quite catastrophic for him as most of the furniture was in poor condition after this happened to his apartment. The sofas, the carpets and other items of vulnerable nature became pale and dull due to mould problem in the apartment. He even experienced choking while sleeping in his bed and was forced to sleep outside of the bedroom due to meager temperature issues of the place.

However the issue was identified by the cleaning company in Dubai but it was of no use for him because he is forced to leave the apartment against his will. The worst above all that happened to him was that he had been given a notice to vacate the apartment despite all of the issues he has experienced before mentioning it to the landlord. We cannot change what just happened but we may predict what could be the possible solutions to prevent the situation as this tenant experienced that caused him to lose the apartment.


As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we always recommend our customers below mentioned precautions to keep their premise neat, clean and organized to avoid such issues:

  • The air ducts develop dirt problems more often than other electronic items that you use in your home so it is imperative to get the cleaned ever 3 months in order to stay away from such issues.
  • We generally categorize the air duct cleaning in 3 stages i.e. foaming, cleaning and drying as this ensures that there are no moulds or dirt particles left inside your duct.
  • A dirty air duct can make your AC consume more electricity power on a high temperature that eventually leads to making the place damp and numb so it is essential you keep a check on your AC system.
  • For further assistance, you are advised to contact a provider of air duct cleaning services in Dubai in order to keep the place clean, mould-free and as organized as you want it to be.

You may get your air duct evaluated and fixed by reaching to us at 0800 25326464 now!