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We all love walls that are beautifully painted with attractive color combination and an art piece nicely hung above the chest of drawers make them even more attractive. But when that clean wall is infected by mold issues, the whole charm of that particular corner of your apartment gradually vanishes away. Not only the wall looks ugly but also makes the residence abhorring place to live in. Have you ever thought that how mold grows in walls and disrupt your artistic interior settings? We’ve put together some key issues that increase mold growth in your apartment and make the walls look ugly.

Damp Floor & Walls:

No matter you live alone in a studio apartment or have kids living with you in a 2 or 3 BHK apartments, most of the time damp floor and walls cause mold growth. And the most probable victim of this mold growth is those walls near the bathroom or kitchen area. When we fail to dry the water, the place is likely to adopt dampness that promotes mold. But before you think of wall painting to cover that area up, it is suggested to make sure if the area needs professional inception or not.

Sink & Cabinet Leakage:

With our experience of providing wall painting services in Dubai, we’ve learnt that most of the time the sink and cabinet leakage causes mold problems in an apartment. If you spot a problematic area in your wall, it is most likely due to the broken caulk and grout around the sink. So it is imperative to repair these spots that let water in as you do dishes or wash hands. Because the water may go anywhere through the cracks present in walls and ceiling. Repair the caulk and grout or else, mold problems can drastically increase at your place.

Cracked Wall Tiles:

One very important fact that you should keep in mind is that a small crack in wall tiles may cause big blunders with excessive amount of molds. Tiles have no effect of dampness but a single crack anywhere in your wall may lead you to spend a considerable amount of money on fixing walls. If you spot such problem with any of your walls, make sure to repair the crack first before calling in wall painting services. This will reduce the risk of witnessing any molds in your walls for a considerable amount of time.

Broken Water Pipes:

If you’re exhausted with this intimidating thought that how mold grows in walls then you need to look at the water pipe of your apartment building. Most of the time, the reason behind excessive amount of mold infestation is a broken water pipe linked to your apartment walls. Or it might be a teeny tiny leakage in one of the water pipes that are letting the water spread all over the wall. In such scenarios, you need to get these pipes fixed before they destroy the wall paint and increase health issues.