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Imagine yourself carrying a suitcase full of cockroaches and the airport officials stop you for checking. What would your answer be in reply to their interrogation? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see cockroaches in the first place let alone carrying them with you on flight. But there’s a couple caught in China who was carrying a suitcase filled with around 200 cockroaches and the answer was somewhat strange.

News: 200 Cockroaches on a Chinese Flight!

A representative noticed abnormal movements in the suitcase within X-Ray machine that appeared to be cockroaches. The airport officials, at Guandong’s Baiyun International Airport, stated that a couple found with a luggage containing almost 200 cockroaches on November 25, 2017. The discovery was alarming and frightening simultaneously for female officials at the airport as they opened the suitcase.

Upon asking about their intentions, the couple stated that they wanted to make an ointment based on ancient Chinese remedies. Yes! As Khaleej Times reported, they told the officials that the cockroaches were required to form an ointment for curing skin related problems.

The couple boarded without the case containing cockroaches as it violates the airport’s policy. However, the fate of those 200 cockroaches is still a mystery after the couple left them with staff.

Why Everybody Hate Roaches?

As the provider of pest control Dubai, we know the question itself is very stupid but this incident exposes a certain group that doesn’t mind the existence of cockroaches around them. Nope! It doesn’t mean that we should use a racist approach in case of cockroaches but still they are the least favorite being on this planet. And here’s why!

  • Firstly, there is some natural connection between their appearance and the feeling one gets upon spotting them around.
  • They are good at scaring certain people in certain places like in shower or during tea time.
  • The reason people don’t want to see cockroaches is because of their stealing habits.
  • Yes, they are easily attracted by anything edible so the most common place to locate them is your kitchen’s sewerage area.
  • There is a strong reason to consider them an abominable being and that is the diseases they spread.
  • Yes, they act as a strong medium for spreading different health related diseases in which gastroenteritis and salmonella top the list.
  • Majority of people complain about reddish marks they leave behind them or laying eggs that further increase cleaning problems in the premise.
  • Cockroaches could prove you a careless person in front of friends, family members and guests paying you surprise visits.

How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation:

The case of this Chinese couple is exceptional but the existence of cockroaches proves vulnerability of the place with respect to its hygiene and cleanliness. In case you are dealing with the cockroaches in your office, shop or even apartment, you need the help of experts that offer pest control services in Dubai. There are different solutions to deal with the severity of the problem but generally it involves about 3 stage pest control process.

You may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 to further discuss the severity of your pest infestation problem and book a pest inspection now.