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Is your premise on your side to impress the customers and vendors that you deal on routine basis? Or is it depicting a shallow picture of your facility that becomes the cause of low sales and bad customer interactions? Have you thought about your facility’s cleaning from a different perspective than just doing the cleaning once in a week? It is essential to employ a working cleaning plan to keep the premise usable, presentable and organized round the clock. If you fail to do so, your business is in danger of losing customers. And this is why getting Commercial Cleaning Services in Dubai becomes essentials. Still have no idea? Here’s why!!


Your facility is used by so many people on routine basis and this is the biggest challenge that you have to deal with when maintaining a clean premise. So what are you doing to keep things clean, unaffected and in their best condition when you can’t be sure that everyone has washed their hands (at least)? People in waiting room read the newspaper, your staff would make use of the electronic devices such as keyboards, printers or chiller and they might be trading germs with their actions. What are you doing to stop the process of contamination at your facility? Are you using any commercial cleaning services in Dubai that manages the cleaning of your premise on routine basis or you let the grime grow at your place? If not, you should hire a service provider ASAP to stop spreading diseases at your facility now.


One very common reason that offices and commercial premises develop cleaning related problems is that there is no proper procedure to dump the waste. Are you dealing with a similar kind of problem at your place too? Revaluate your waste disposal plan and see if your janitors dump the waste bags in timely manner or they remain in kitchen or bathroom are of the building for days. When we let the garbage rest on the floor, we unintentionally welcome unhealthy elements to enter our premise. The benefit of working with the provider of commercial cleaning services in Dubai is that there would be a proper waste disposal plan along with cleaning method to make the bathroom, canteen area or kitchen usable again every day before your staff comes at work.


The glass is the most prominent element in a commercial premise and they carry a very serious challenge for you – to keep them clean. Are you doing it or are you delaying the glass cleaning phase for your commercial premise? There are glass doors, glass-based walls (at the outer side) and other items made of glass and all of them require cleaning treatment from time to time. There are commercial cleaning services in Dubai that offer periodic glass cleaning solutions to keep your building glittery shine in sunny days or when the weather is a bit furious. So make use of these services instead of putting things off until you realize it’s too late to offer a service.


One of the challenges that unclean and grimy places develop is the smelly issues that not only distract us but also becomes an unbearable situation to sit and work in. So…you’re still going to delay the cleaning of your commercial premise and let the people suffer into that smelly air around them? Or are you planning to put a stop to this smelly situation at your commercial place and remove the odorous element from your facility for good?


No clean for months, stains are going to befriend with your floor tiles for sure! So the decision is yours that if you want to let this happen or if you want to hire commercial cleaning services in Dubai that can help you remove the stains from the floor tiles. Do you have any section in your floor that requires smart cleaning approach (like the steam cleaning services) to get back the spotless, shiny and clean look that it used to have? Make a wise decision and benefit from commercial cleaning services in Dubai today.

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So…how are you keeping up with your cleaning goals for the year? Is your apartment enjoying the special treatment that you committed in the beginning of this year to keep it clean and organized? A clean and organized apartment is the key to many positive things in your life and if the place is ugly and disorganized then you’re in trouble. We’ve pinpointed some key signs to help you identify the current cleaning condition of your apartment and if you need to call the Apartment Cleaning Services in Dubai or not. So keep reading and make a wise decision with respect to availing professional apartment cleaning services in Dubai.


A clean apartment demonstrates the perfect picture of your lifestyle but an unorganized premise describes the stories of your carelessness with respect to the cleaning arrangements. Can you spot different type of clutter or piles of different things in your living room? It could be the old magazines, the newspapers or maybe the books that you never read in last 3 months but they’ve occupied the space for that long. Or it might be the stuff from your kid’s cupboard or toys that have filled the place with their unnecessary presence at the living area. This is one of the many red flags that tell you to roll up the sleeves and make the tough call that either you need apartment cleaning services in Dubai or you are starting to like this situation.


The kitchen cleaning is not just doing the dishes and clearing the shelves but it takes more than that to keep the kitchen clean and usable. There are ducts, there are floor tiles and there are even the windows in your kitchen that you usually skip while cleaning the area. And gradually the dust takes over all of your kitchen area leaving you wonder what went wrong, isn’t it? When evaluating the cleaning condition of your apartment, do check these sections of your kitchen to determine if they need general cleaning or require special kind of cleaning treatment that is usually included into the apartment cleaning services in Dubai.


Coming down to your bathroom, so tell me how clean (or unclean) it is? We clean over body in this particular place but when it is contaminated by different germs and dirt elements then how can we be sure that we are safe within that area? Most people put the bathroom cleaning on the bottom of their list until it is very dirty but that’s the wrong approach. Can you smell a strange odor coming from your bathroom if the surfaces look fine? This is one of the signs that you’re doing something wrong with your cleaning plan. Fix it now by asking experts to examine the bathroom area and if possible, get apartment cleaning services in Dubai to remove any cleaning related problem in time.


How often do you collect garbage from different section of your apartment? And if you do then where you keep these garbage bags instead of dumping them? If you’re not serious about the cleaning of your apartment, then you may find these garbage bags in the kitchen or by your doorstep. This notion of delaying to deal with garbage bag is a serious bad habit that you need to change. Whether inside or outside, the garbage bags would act as a source for spreading the germs and create problems for your apartment. So change your habit and try to dump them as soon as you could after collecting the garbage from the kitchen or bathroom area.


Here comes the most essential question of the topic! How often do you clean your apartment? Is it on daily basis, after a week or you forget to clean the apartment for months? Recall the cleaning habits and you’ll have a fair idea about the next step that you should make. Okay, if you clean the apartment on routine basis then how effective the cleaning approach is? And in similar manner, how are you bearing the dirty scenario at your apartment if it has not been cleaned for months? Whatever happened in the past is long gone but you need to start making the difference from this moment on by devising and implementing a cleaning plan. Or you may get the apartment cleaning services in Dubai to do the planning on your behalf.

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You need a Cleaning Company in Dubai, you search for one and a flood appears in the results showing you thousands of cleaning services to confuse you. Finding a good cleaning company in Dubai is an art that you should’ve mastered by now and even if you didn’t then we’re here to help you out with this. We’ve jotted down few essentials that each cleaning company in Dubai should cultivate in its dealings with the customers. This would help you select and stick with the right cleaning company in Dubai that doesn’t just claim but shows their compassion through their dedicated operations.


Before selecting a cleaning company in Dubai, it is essential that you run a background check to ensure that the company is having a positive reputation in the market. If a cleaning company doesn’t have good reviews in its existing or previous customers then why would you want to work with them? And if you continue with your decision to hire such cleaning company in Dubai, you can’t blame them if anything goes wrong because by doing so you’re taking their responsibility.


A company that misleads you with doubted facts and statements is surely on a ‘NOT-HIRE-THEM’ list. Those companies that care about their customers and want them to remain their customers never mislead them and always put the right facts before them so they can make the right decision. And you can use your common sense to judge if the representative speaking truth or just trying to cover up something suspicious with respect to its service quality. Find the honesty factor into that cleaning company that you intend to hire for any cleaning job.


Suppose, you have had experience to hire two different cleaning companies in Dubai and you had two different experiences with each of them. The first one had the lazy staff that tried to complete the job when the surfaces were not cleaned thoroughly and you could judge that in single look. On the contrary, the other company was showing results with their dedicated services and paid attention to every little detail to make your items spotless and clean. Now who would you prefer if you don’t want to waste your money and time? I’m sure you’d go with the second company that has shown true dedication in its operations as it claimed.


All the good cleaning companies try to solve your problems instead of emptying your pockets so when selecting a cleaning company in Dubai, never underestimate the prices. As a rule of thumb, you should wait until receiving 3-4 different price quotes for the cleaning service you require. This would allow you to compare different service providers and select the best one that meets your budget. Be very critical when evaluating the costs from the quotation that you received from each cleaning company and then make your best judgment for selecting the right one.


When government (or any of its department) certifies someone, we naturally tend to show more confidence on that institute. A license or certificate helps us in identifying a credible service provider and the same applies here when we go about searching for a cleaning company in Dubai. Usually, a good company would want to adhere with state laws and the license says it all about the credibility, authenticity and professionalism of that cleaning company. So try to look for a license when finding a reliable cleaning company in Dubai.


If you want to judge a company, look at its customer care department that accurately depicts the culture that company has within its employees. If they are patient, caring and friendly then you can assume it a positive sign to make a perception about that cleaning company in Dubai and if they are a bit impatient or fail to listen to your queries then you know what to do. A good company (regardless of its industry) always invests in its customer representatives that are the direct ambassadors of the company.

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Are you living in a neat, spotless and clean place that is 100% safe or the place that you’ve occupied also contains germs, diseases and abominable insects along with you? You don’t know what else is staying with you in that apartment that provides you shelter but also works as a sanctuary for the problematic things that could impact on your health in a negative way. So, being the provider of Residential Cleaning Services in Dubai, we thought to aware you from those hidden threats that are smiling you from a dark corner within your apartment. Let’s begin the debate and unleash these problems that are snatching away your peace of mind and a hygienic lifestyle.

Contaminated Bed sheets & Pillow Covers

So tell me, how often you change bed sheets during the week? Did you know that a bed sheet can contain hundreds of problems when you keep using the same sheet every night? And the fact that you are the sole user of that bed doesn’t make any difference. The problem is that your body, sweat and dead cells work against your health when you take them lightly and these elements leave a significant mark on your bed sheet that ultimately turn rogue and make you sick. The same works for the pillows that catch your hair’s oil and strands that attract diseases when left untreated. If you don’t have time to change bed sheets, you may simply turn to residential cleaning services in Dubai and hire a maid to do this on your behalf.

Germ Attracting Piles

Now recall how often do you collect the dirty clothes resting on the floor and what is your strategy to deal with the piles of different things that act as small mountains thing your apartment? When we procrastinate in picking up these items, they befriend with the floor that might not be as clean as you’re assuming it to be. And this is where the problem starts when these items develop different problems and make things worse for you. Maybe it’s your little angel’s toys that are filling up the floor or it might be anything of your own use. Now imagine when you use that item after it has been relaxing on the floor, do you think that it’s safe for use before getting cleaned? Being a provider of residential cleaning services in Dubai, this is why we stress over keeping things in their place and organized.

Unfriendly Floors

If you believe on a clean surface without doing anything special and leave it unclean then you’re very naïve as you’re under serious threat. There are millions of issues in your floor even if it looks clean and spotless and you haven’t cleaned it for a while. Think critically and answer this question that how often you use the floor during the day? Every time when you have to reach from one corner to another of your apartment, you make use of the floor then how can you be so sure that they are clean and wouldn’t require a cleaning job for next whole month? As a provider of residential cleaning services in Dubai, we recommend using antiseptics and specialized cleaning products to ensure total cleanliness of your floors.

Bins & Trash Bags

You clean the apartment everyday but still there are those mischievous creatures lingering around your apartment, why? What attracts them if you clean your apartment daily (okay twice in a week) and what is that particular thing that you’re missing in your apartment cleaning plan? Here’s the question to your cleaning concerns! You sure clean your apartment and keep the crap in the bin or a trash bag but you forget to empty the bin in timely manner. As a provider of residential cleaning services in Dubai, we always recommend our customers to get rid of these trash bags and bins as soon as they can. Because these items become the source to attract cockroaches, lizards and other pests that play an important role in growing infestation and germs within your apartment.

Never Underestimate the Pets

Do you own a pet? Is it a pup or a kitten or any special creature like a tortoise? No doubt that a pet is one of the loveliest members of the family but it also brings some more cleaning challenges for you. So if you own a pet, you should know about the kind of problems it creates to disrupt your apartment’s cleanliness. They can be a source to bring stains and germs into your apartment with their small paws or spread their hair strands that act as a food source of the pests that have hidden themselves in your apartment. As a provider of residential cleaning services in Dubai, we urge you to make sure you take care of these issues otherwise you might be facing with unhealthy elements within your apartment.

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No doubt that the sofas bear our tantrums and mood swings and take the marks of our mental state gracefully but we rarely notice their sacrifices. When we finally acknowledge their services, the time has passed and germs, contamination and smell have taken over the sofas and this makes us upset. This is where a Sofa Cleaning Service comes in to fix the issues and let you enjoy the use of your favorite sofa. So we thought to jot down few important tips on how a sofa cleaning service should be and what to look for when searching one. Read along and discover the pro qualities of a sofa cleaning service in Dubai to select the right service provider.


The cleaning of sofas requires time, attention and care to remove the dirt marks and bring back the best shape of your sofa. But a sofa cleaning service shouldn’t be too expensive that it becomes out of your reach. It should be designed in a way that you can get the expert’s help without worrying about the costs. There are companies that offer sofa cleaning service at a very affordable price per hour that allows its customers to utilize the services again and again whenever they need a sofa cleaning service. A customer should be able to pay only for the time the cleaners are giving to the job and that’s element that you should look into that sofa cleaning service which you’re considering for the sofa’s cleaning.


The sofa cleaning service shouldn’t take long when the experts are handling the matters in comparison to the Do-It-Yourselfers that don’t know much about dealing with a sofa’s cleaning. If a company quotes you about 1.5 hours of cleaning then it shouldn’t exceed from this timeframe because if they delay in completing the job in said time then they are not the expert in providing sofa cleaning service. The experts – in sofa cleaning service – have already defined a specific pattern to deal with the stains, marks and smells of your sofa and know what approach would be right for a specific sofa type.


Everyone uses a different sofa type and the challenge varies according to the sofa’s material. So the sofa cleaning service should be flexible enough to adapt its core operations to remove the stains according to that sofa’s material. It should focus on maintaining the material quality in the quest of cleaning the sofa as if it fails to do so, you’ll have to use a sofa with the torn out surface. A reliable sofa cleaning service offers multiple solutions to meet the variable needs of every customer.


Using ecological cleaning products is also a good practice when it comes to using a professional sofa cleaning service. The reliable and environment conscious sofa cleaning service knows the importance of maintaining a sound environment and only uses green cleaning products. So always make sure to ask the sofa cleaning service provider if their cleaning products and tools are environment-friendly or not.

For booking a sofa cleaning service, you may directly speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 and receive instant sofa cleaning solutions and quick price quotes.


No doubt that carpets increase the charm of our premise but when they adopt stains, all the charm vanishes away and the carpet starts to give us a bad impression. There are certain occasions (and stains) when the need of calling Carpet Cleaning Service increases with high intensity but before you identify and call the service provider, the stains have already done their work. Some stains are not very hard to remove from your carpets but there are others that stick to surface and never get off easily and this is where you need professionals to handle the challenge. So we compiled a list of stains that only a professional carpet cleaning service can remove. Read along, discover when to call carpet cleaning service and save yourself from putting so much time into cleaning off the stains yourself.

When You Find Grease Marks

It’s always better to keep the mechanical activity off your carpet but let’s suppose you failed to keep it at a distance. You or anyone from your family brought in the tools in the living room and during the fixing process accidentally left some serious grease marks on the carpet. Grease is thick in comparison to other liquids and this is what makes it one of the most irritating stains to remove off your carpets and rugs. When all traditional cleaning approaches fail the professional carpet cleaning service steps in to fix the issue with its smart and effective cleaning methods. They know how to deal with the grease stains and bring back the flawless appearance of your carpet.

When Coffee Spills Off the Cup

Everyone likes to have coffee for refreshing their mind and focus on the task either in the office or when staying at home. But during this special time with a cup of coffee, sometimes the coffee gets excited and slips away from your cup to stick on the carpet and rugs. A wise approach is to soak the affected area with wet cloth to loosen the grip of coffee stain. And if you fail to do so, you’re going to regret for not taking action on time. Suppose, the action phase has passed and now this is the best time to call in the carpet cleaning service to get rid of coffee stains for good.

When Blood Remains on Carpet

It might be during the play or when you’re dealing with something edgy back at home and on the carpet (or rug) when the blood drops fell on the carpet. The instance itself is not very pleasant in terms of pain and also increases your discomfort when you find your favorite carpet stained with your own blood. It could be removed immediately by using hydrogen peroxide so if you’re in luck, apply the solution quickly as you spot the stain. And if you don’t have the solution of hydrogen peroxide, simply call in the carpet cleaning service and let the experts handle the job.

When Special Time Becomes Ugly

The leisurely times are one of the best moments to spend with a special person but what if these moments leave a serious mark on your memory that is related to your carpet? Yes, suppose you’re having a sip of wine that evening and a few drops (or the whole glass) of wine fells on the carpet and spoil your evening. Rush into the kitchen to find the vinegar and apply it on the affected part of the carpet. Don’t be disappointed if the stain doesn’t go away with this home remedy as you can always count on carpet cleaning service to fix this issue for you.

When Kids Leave Grass Marks

Children are unstoppable when they are playing out in the garden but when they bring some serious elements with them, it could impact on your carpet’s cleanliness. Sometimes they bring grass that is stick to their clothes and legs and as they sit on the carpet, you know the rest. Instead of scolding those little angels, you first need to rescue the affected carpet by applying soda water on the stain. This would loosen the grip of the stain from your carpet’s surface. And if you fail to do so, simply call 0800 25326464 to get carpet cleaning service and get your carpet fixed.

For further discussion about the type of carpet stains and getting carpet cleaning service, you may directly speak with our key account managers and book a service now.


Regular cleaning schedule does provide you a temporary clean premise but there are always certain corners that remain unclean even if you try hard to keep the apartment clean. When the grime and germs grow higher to an intolerable level, getting a deep Cleaning service becomes essential otherwise you’ll end up confronting the diseases and unpleasant environment at your apartment.  To help you make the wise decision whether to stick with a regular cleaning schedule or hire the deep Cleaning Services in Dubai, we jotted down few operations that a deep cleaning service provider would offer you. So read along and discover what a deep cleaning service can do for making your apartment neat and spotless again.

Cylinder Stains

As the majority of UAE residents use cylinders in the kitchen area so they are well aware of the stains that these cylinders leave behind on the floor. The problem starts to look big when you change cylinder’s location and find a circle imprinted on your floor from the bottom of the cylinder. This kind of stain is not very easy to be removed using conventional methods and require specialized cleaning service. We usually include steam cleaning service when a customer asks us to schedule a deep cleaning service session for problems like this. The steam cleaning process successfully removes the sturdy stain of the cylinder that is making the floor look rusty and old.

Contaminated Floor

If you keep the big part of your floor open instead of covering it with a carpet or rug, you need to change your cleaning approaches. The usual mopping activity would remove the visible sand from your floor but it fails to eliminate the unseen germs from your floor. The problem becomes even worse when you have toddlers in the house that crawl around the place on the naked floor. Our deep cleaning services include smart cleaning approaches and proven cleaning products to deal with these unseen and dangerous germs that are making your floor contaminated.

Yellowish Commode

Have you noticed that the commode that you use plenty of time during the day has lost its shine? Commode, bathtubs and other items in your washroom are bound to get old and adopt problems of such nature. And these problems are not usually resolved using conventional cleaning methods as they require thorough cleaning session that only a deep cleaning service can provide them. Our cleaning experts are specifically trained to handle all your stain related problems including toilet and bathing area items.

Blurry Glasses

You might be keeping the place nice, clean and tidy but there are certain elements that get out of hand and become messy. And in these elements the glass based items top the list in which the bathroom mirror and windows top the list. It happens due to the dampness in the atmosphere as you go about using shower or sink tab but these things can be restored if not too late. We help you restore the shine of your glass based items using our deep cleaning service solutions.

Stubborn Marks

In a household premise, there are plenty of items that get dirty and the marks stick to their surface. We’ve designed our deep cleaning services in a way that they can be used to remove the stubborn marks from any surface without ruining the natural beautify of that item. So if you’re looking for deep cleaning services to restore the furniture, fix the floor issues or for any type of stubborn marks, you know what service to ask for.

You may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 to discuss about your deep cleaning service needs. Call now and get free price estimations along with flexible service booking.


Keeping sofas and cushions clean is one of the trickiest things to do when you’re already piled up with so many tasks. Again…the selection of a Sofa Cleaning Service is also a riddle when you have got so many options to try and that’s very frustrating. We believe that finding a quality service shouldn’t be tough then be it any service you require. Just follow some signs you’re all good to get the kind of sofa cleaning service that can fix your sofa related problems instantly. So here is a small list of sofa cleaning service qualities that would help you in making a wise selection whenever you need.

Different Cleaning Approaches

A professional sofa cleaning service always goes beyond the limit to provide you the best cleaning service. The professional sofa cleaners do not rely on a single cleaning method which might be effective for dealing with a certain dirt problem but would not address the other problems. We try to provide our customers with different sofa cleaning service solutions so they can pick the best one and receive the best cleaning results. To put it in simple words, your problem might be fixed with sofa shampooing but shampooing wouldn’t work for a severe cleaning condition so we’d advise you to try steam cleaning service for your dirty sofa. Similarly, there are other cleaning approaches that are perfect for a different situation and that’s what you should look for when selecting a sofa cleaning service.

Clean & Clear Results

One of the essential elements to look for in a sofa cleaning service is the results of the job. You might have taken the service before or got recommendations from a friend about a sofa cleaning service. So when you require calling the sofa experts, do recall how was the last experience that you (or your friend) had with them. How clean the sofa was after they completed the cleaning procedures? Did you spot any smelly, dirty or grimy element in (or around) the sofa? Were you (or your friend) satisfied with the cleaning results or there were some undone elements that made you disappointed in their service quality? Questions like these can help you select the best sofa cleaning service in Dubai.

Time-Bound Service

Sofa cleaning does require a considerable amount of time when you do it yourself but things become easier and swift when professionals handle them. A very important quality to look into that sofa cleaning service is their dedication for completing the task within given timeframe. This means you were told that the job will require about an hour so they must not exceed from 60 minutes if they really are the professionals. A good sofa cleaning service has done all the experiments and knows how to handle the cleaning situation and how much time will it take to get completed.

Experience is Essential

Our sofas contain different elements behind those covers and cushions that demand our attention. Suppose you hand over your sofas to unprofessional sofa cleaning service providers who don’t know how to deal with a specific cleaning condition. The chances of dissatisfaction and frustration are high when they return the sofa in a worse condition than before. So when selecting sofa cleaning service, never skip the experience from the quality list because an experienced service provider can handle weirdest cleaning problem with care.

Wide Variety of Sofa Cleaning

See…we all use different items to make our homes, shops and offices exquisite and elegant and the sofas are no exception. With a different kind of sofa comes a new cleaning challenge because they are bound to get dirty by the time. So the sofa cleaning service that you use must know how to deal with variable range of sofa’s material. I mean, there would be leather sofas, suede couches, denim sofas, vinyl sofas or maybe you’re using the fabric sofa. So the sofa cleaning service should be able enough to provide you a working cleaning solution for any kind of sofa that you have.

For further suggestions about sofa cleaning service, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 and get instant price quotes and free sofa cleaning suggestions now.


Keeping a facility clean, hygienic and usable for its occupant is one of the biggest challenges for the administration amidst the climatic changes and frequent usage of the premise. Where others find this challenge unachievable, there are some people in Dubai that not only accept it but repeat the process of ‘perfection’ by keeping their facility 100% spotless, clean and safe for everyone. Any guesses how? They don’t spell a cast but get help from the right people – providers of building Cleaning Services Dubai, remember? And if you are not sure how a building cleaning company can help you in keeping the facility clean, this post is definitely for you.


In a public premise – like yours – everything starts with the visual appearance and one thing that can be noticed is that glass is ruling the buildings of Dubai. But the questions it that what are you doing to keep them shiny and spotless? We provide glass cleaning services in Dubai to ensure that your glass windows and doors don’t disappoint you in front of others. Our team works carefully for eliminating the fingerprints, stains and other elements that make your glass messy and blur the vision (in case of see through glass window). So if you’re dealing with problems like messy glass windows, doors and exteriors, you know who to contact.


No doubt that you used expensive marbles to flourish the corridors, lobby and entrance area but what are you doing to keep it attractive when 100s of people step onto it? Even if your facility receives a low volume of visitors, your floor tiles are bound to get dirty, aren’t they? Building cleaning services include steam cleaning solutions to deal with stubborn marks and stains that make your floor dirty and unattractive. We own a team of professional steam cleaners and cover all the major issues that your floor is dealing with in our cleaning services in Dubai. We know how to kick out the debris, dirt or other elements that are making your floor tiles old, rusty and dusty.


Are you inhaling clean air through those air ducts? When was the last time you get them cleaned by a professional cleaning company in Dubai? What process they used to remove the problematic elements in your air ducts? These are the question an administration has to deal with when taking care of a building facility (of any nature). We offer duct cleaning services that are designed specifically to meet your air ducts cleaning needs and keep the premise breathable and up to the cleaning standards of building’s occupants.


The reason for using third party cleaning services in Dubai is not to make the building clean only for once in a year. It’s a recurring process that you have to keep repeating for making sure that everyone is safe from different health problems inside the building. So we offer customized service solutions in shape of long term contracts that enable you to stay satisfied from your building’s cleaning conditions.
For further discussion on how you may keep your building clean, why don’t you give our key account managers a call on 0800 25326464 and get cleaning services in Dubai according to your needs.


Carpets and rugs play the character of an unsung hero in our routine lives, don’t they? And several times they get injured in the line of duty (over exaggerating) by keeping the dust particles away from spreading all over the place. When these loyal friends lose their shine, one must think that it’s time to clean them off either by herself or by a professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai. But…have you ever thought how long will your carpet stay with you and when is the time to buy new one instead of blaming those hardworking cleaners that try their best to remove dust and dullness off your carpet? We did! So here’s a list of scenarios in which you should take appropriate steps towards your carpet. Read on! There’s more to tell…


Like humans, carpets and rugs also show some patterns to identify their ‘aging’ so look for them carefully before you call in a carpet cleaning service. Is it that your carpets or rugs have developed serious stains that are not getting removed even after multiple washes? Are the cleaners giving up on the results in quest of cleaning your carpet? See…questions similar to these two are very important to conclude if you need to replace carpet or give the old one another try with the help of carpet cleaning service in Dubai.


See…it’s very important to understand what kind of carpet you own at the moment. Is it made of nylon, PET polyester or PPT as these aspects can further help you in making a wise decision with respect to your carpet’s cleaning or replacing? And you’re most likely to find this information on the tag attached to one side of your carpet/rug that reveals the material detail. Go, check what type of material it is made of and plan accordingly.

What I meant to say is that there are certain material types to come into their formal form after a wash (like Nylon). But the other types might not recover from the pressings of our feet while we walk on the carpet. In such conditions even if your carpet is cleaned well by a carpet cleaning service provider but there would be no sign of that ‘newness’ which you’re looking for.


Here’s another interesting fact about carpet and that is connected to their life expectancy. Each carpet varies from other with respect to its endurance and once it ends, there’s no use of spending your time, money and soup during the cleaning. So recall that how long have been using that particular carpet that is not providing you the elite feeling when your friends pass compliment on your residential arrangements during the visit? If you’re in doubt, you may speak with the