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Keeping the school neat and clean is one of the most challenging tasks when you have to deal with unlimited number of other challenges on a routine basis. Yet it is not easy to skip school cleaning from your task list being an administrator (or anyone representing the institute) so have to work smartly. Think of the places where people could develop diseases and the canteen area instantly hits your mind. Have you visited the canteen of your school, it is clean enough so you could speak with the inspection team confidently? Being the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we jotted down some key problems a school canteen faces with respect to its cleanliness Read on to find them and make appropriate arrangements.


No doubt that you try hard to keep the canteen safe for children, staff members and anyone that would sit in that area and have something to eat. But regardless of all your concerns and efforts there are some places that remain dirty and contaminated due to frequent usage – the shelves and counters. One time cleaning activity is not enough for this area and you have to devise a system to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the people that place their hands during order or when taking away the tray. According to our experience of providing cleaning services Dubai, you should keep a dusting cloth and an industry approved cleaning product close to the shelves. Once the crowd decreases, ask the counter guy/girl to sweep it and keep buy ambien with paypal away the contamination issue from your canteen.


As stated above, the most used articles of your school canteen have more chances to develop contamination problem. Suppose, you clean the canteen before school timing or afterwards when everyone leave but still the single cleaning activity is not enough to ensure everyone’s safety. If you cannot manage multiple cleaning activities through staff you own, a good idea is to contract with a third party company that provides commercial cleaning services in Dubai on affordable rates. This would help you in focusing on other operations and you can be sure with respect to your school canteen’s cleanliness – especially the tables and chairs that everyone uses during their stay in canteen.


Have you ever thought why people get sick after eating in your school’s canteen? Is it because faulty cleaning measurements that you have employed in that area? Or is there something else that didn’t catch your attention until now? Yes, you’re right as the problem could be the insufficient arrangements to manage waste food items. The piles of food waste is enough to fail all your cleaning plans that you’ve devised in your school canteen as it spreads polluted elements very swiftly that the place becomes contaminated and vulnerable with respect to cleanliness and hygiene. Ask the providers of cleaning services in Dubai to provide best solutions for dumping the wasted food in timely manner so everyone at the canteen can eat safely and enjoy the meal after a hectic study session.


So…you’re going to change the address and the preparations are almost completed, right? You’ve chosen the new apartment in Dubai’s best residential location, given the notice to your landlord and packed all your suitcases and furniture to start off this new journey. Wait…have you thought about clean the current apartment before handing over the keys to the landlord? If you didn’t then this is the right time to hire move in and move out Cleaning Services Dubai and save your security deposit from deduction in account of this expense. If you’re in a hurry or want to mend the place yourself, here are some interesting tips that would help you in saving the deposit. Read on and benefit from our experience of providing cleaning services Dubai by handing over a neat and clean place to your landlord.


You didn’t notice but while you were packing your stuff to be moved at the new address, you created a lot of mess at your current apartment. Just go around and check how dirty everything is just because you were busy packing up everything. So being the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we’d recommend starting with general dusting and mopping. Use a microfiber dusting cloth to remove the thin layer of dust that has covered everything at your place. Be very precise about nukes and corners that hold the dirt particles in abundance and make them clean if you really want to impress your landlord.


Did you know where your landlord head first while inspecting the place for cleaning check? It’s the kitchen area that you’ve ignored during the packing phase of your move and your next step should be to clean it. As a provider of cleaning services Dubai, we recommend everyone keeping the wastage in one corner as it is easy to dump the waste later on. Don’t forget to remove empty boxes and tins that are lying inside the cabins. As you’ve already emptied the place so you won’t have to clean the kitchen in detail as visible shelves will work in your interest. Once the visible items are collected, start cleaning the shelves, floor and stove to complete the process in efficient manner.


A clean appearance would not be enough to impress your landlord when your intentions are to avoid the security deductions. Take it from the providers of cleaning services Dubai and keep your bathroom clean. Use industry approved cleaning products to make commode, sink and floor of your bathroom stink free and clean. Making the outer surface clean is easy but your biggest challenge is to remove the smell from the bathroom. If you don’t know how to do it, get the help of professionals and hire cleaning services Dubai to get the job done.


If you think that everything has been done on your part then you need to hold on for a second and look towards your feet. See…the floor is still dirty and contains many areas that are seeking your magical powers to be cleaned. So take out those mops and brooms and start off cleaning the floor in order to make your place clean enough to impress the landlord.


Cleanliness makes big difference the way people see us and our premise and especially when it is about keeping our office space clean. The workplace is occupied by different people on routine basis and this creates a challenge for the administration to maintain a clean environment every day. Carelessly dusting off visible surfaces won’t work in your interest until you take it as a serious job otherwise be ready to smash down your workplace’s reputation in front clients that are willing to commence new business venture with you. Being the providers of office cleaning services in Dubai, here are few places that sneak under your nose while evaluating the cleaning conditions.

  • While performing administrative duties, your first priority is to ensure that every employee eats well to minimize the risk of getting ill. You need to keep your kitchen area in good condition and make sure it doesn’t serve as a hideout of all the germs and health-related issues. Majority of people consider dusting off visible place enough but it requires more than that. Don’t let the bins full of garbage for days in your kitchen as they spread germs all over the place and make it contaminated. Dump the garbage routine-wise and if you don’t have any in-house cleaning staff, try contacting a company that offers office cleaning services in Dubai.
  • The second most contaminated place that you’d find in an office space is the toilet area that contains too many health related issues and holds the potential to affect your business productivity. Imagine your toilets are full of tissues and other crippled elements lying all over the floor, can you expect any good from such corner? The worse is when these items are dumped into the commode and seats and spread further diseases. Hire in-house staff or take help of office cleaning services in Dubai but prevent such scenario if you want to keep your employees safe and keep the work in flow.
  • As a common trend, a majority of workspaces relay on conventional way of cleaning and this is where the majority of problems raise their head to kill work productivity. Being the providers of office cleaning services in Dubai we recommend using antiseptics at place where people touch things often and may exchange diseases. For instance, the workstations, cups, glasses and photocopy machine are some common items that your employees use physically. Never underestimate the usage of antiseptics to prevent this disease exchange trend between workers.
  • Either intentionally or unintentionally the workers themselves become the reason for keeping the premise dirty and contaminated. Your cleaning plan would fail even if you hire office cleaning services in Dubai or keep in-house cleaning staff if the workers don’t support you in this quest. The common signs to prove this are to look for spillovers and littering around their workstations. If you could find such behavior, you know what to do and how to prevent the destruction in terms of unclean, contaminated and unhygienic office environment.


As the providers of cleaning services in Dubai, we’ve observed that managing the cleanliness of the premise would be on your mind apart from increasing sales, retaining customers and making profits at the end of each month if you’re a business owner. This thought is quite obvious because not a single customer would want to trade with you unless you keep the place clean round the clock.

But when you start searching for the provider of commercial cleaning services in Dubai, there are two common instances that you’re more likely to encounter – one time cleaning or contract cleaning services, right? So we thought to make things easier for you during the decision making process. Keep on reading and discover the pros and cons of both the terms before you go with an option for your business’s cleanliness.


When you hire a cleaning service for only one time, you get to face below mentioned scenarios:

  • You’re hiring the cleaning services in Dubai either through a referral system or by online search but there’s always a risk of selecting the wrong one.
  • You’d have to try them to judge their work standards and cleaning expertise in order to find the truth.
  • A very important element is the pricing factor when you hire cleaning services from different providers in different time periods. This means you might pay less or more from the previous service provider.
  • Getting multiple cleaning services would surely add up cost either if you use same service provider or search different cleaning companies in Dubai to get the tasks done.
  • You would have less charge of your cleaning activities as any of the parties can cancel the deal if things don’t go according to decided terms.


Now compare the things that you may avail when in contract with a cleaning company in Dubai for your commercial premise.

  • Contracting with a cleaning company in Dubai provides you a guarantee that everything is present in written form and could be used in odd situations as a reference.
  • You can decide the terms before giving contract to any particular company and can be sure of the required services as compared to previous situation when you do everything verbally to most extent.
  • You have full charge of the activities and know when the janitors are coming to your place, how long will they stay and when they will leave after finishing the job.
  • A contract reduces the time and risk of finding new cleaning companies in Dubai for different cleaning services as the service provider probably offers a wide range of cleaning solutions so you won’t have to go elsewhere.

You run a business and know the value of time and contracting with a cleaning company in Dubai reduces your time to find the right cleaning service providers that you can employ in other important matters. So once you discover a cleaning company that meets your service standards, contract with them to save your time, money and efforts


Cleaning companies in Dubai offer different cleaning solutions to ease up your routine life but the abundance of these solutions make the decision making process even more confusing for you, right? Generally, you’ll hear about two very famous cleaning services in Dubai i.e. general cleaning and deep cleaning services that might appear almost same to you. So the question is why you should consider deep cleaning services when you’re getting the same things in general cleaning services or is there any difference between these two? Here’s a quick overview of both these services that might appear same but have some differences in terms of operations.

General Cleaning Services

When you hire general cleaning services you get below mentioned treatments:

  • The cleaning crew would dust off that thin layer of dirt from your fixture that is making the appearance unclear or dirty.
  • You may hire general cleaning services in Dubai either for a specific section like kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Or it may be used for the cleaning of overall place if you wish to.
  • Generally, the general cleaning service is cheaper in comparison to deep cleaning services and takes less time than that.
  • It is ideal to call for General Cleaning Services In Dubai when your house is not cleaned up for few weeks or the place has less stubborn marks on floor, fixture and walls.

Deep Cleaning Services

And this is the scenario for considering deep cleaning services in Dubai:

  • The process of deep cleaning services is time taking in comparison to general cleaning services.
  • The cleaning staff would clean your items thoroughly to free them from stubborn marks and the cleaning process involves specialized machines and cleaning products that are advanced than the items used in general cleaning.
  • As mentioned above, the general cleaning is cheaper and less time taking than deep cleaning service and that’s what most people look for when deciding to get a service.
  • The main reason for hiring deep cleaning services in Dubai is when your place is very dirty or the dirt marks won’t vanish with general cleaning activity.

So this was a quick overview of the difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning services in Dubai for you to develop a better understanding of these most common terms. Now the question is that what type of service you should consider when searching for a cleaning company in Dubai? If we consider prices, the simple answer would be the general cleaning services that offer same operations in fewer prices.

But the problem is that your premise (whether a flat, an office or a shop) might not look clean with general cleaning services. In some scenarios, the place requires more diligent and thorough cleaning service and this is where deep cleaning services become necessary. Because when it comes to having a hygienic lifestyle, the price doesn’t matter and what matters is the cleaning quality that you only get with deep cleaning services.

Comment below to voice your opinion about these two services and help fellow readers choose a better one according to their premise’s cleaning condition.


Earlier this week a rare case grabbed the attention of Dubai citizens when a respected banker hosted a meeting in Dubai’s one of the elite hotels. Everything was going fine until the arrival of meal and as they started to eat, the senior banker discovered a bandage filled with blood clots in his served meal. This event not only disturbed everyone in the hall but affected him emotionally that he called off the event due to such disgraceful event.

Upon summoning the manager on duty, the victim went in great shock when he was offered a free meal as a compensation of this incident that could cost him his health. When both the parties failed to settle the matters on their own, the banker issued a legal notice by Dubai’s leading advocate firm and Advocate Abdullah Al Nasser (Chairman Ara’a Group Advocates & Legal Consultants) took charge of this incident. The hotel, whose identity has been kept hidden, was fined about Dh50M on account of careless service and the discomfort the banker had to experience.

This is not the first incident where hotels have to face big issues due to the carelessness of the staff members. So as the provider of commercial cleaning services Dubai, we thought to highlight key problems that let these incidents happen and damage a hotel’s reputation.

No Waste Management System

In situations like these, the first problem that we could identify as the provider of commercial cleaning services in Dubai is there must be some issue with the waste management system of the hotel. The hotels and restaurants deal with great pile of waste and liter on routine basis. And if they fail to deploy a working plan to handle the waste these problems are bound to happen. If you don’t want to experience such situation with any of your respected customers, you need to evaluate your waste management system as that’s the first step for prevention of circumstances like these.

Poor Management Skills

As the provider of commercial cleaning services in Dubai, we totally understand that accidents and mishaps are bound to happen but one must learn to master to manage these matters. Finding bondage in served meal also indicates that someone got injured for which that piece of cloth was used but showing carelessness at work is not acceptable anywhere in the world. So another thing that you need to work on is removing management loopholes that might cost you heavy fines by the court.

Lack of Professionalism

The third thing that we noticed is that the staff is not trained enough to deal with such situations. As the providers of commercial cleaning services in Dubai, we suggest you to hire third-party steward services if you can’t afford to own a trained staff that not only keeps check on every movement of their own selves but also know how to prevent situations like these. Spending money on third part steward service is way better than giving out a big amount of profit on account of imposed fines.


Dubai – a city with so many skyscraping buildings and beautiful places to keep you inspire. A common thing that you’d find everywhere while visiting the city is the glass based items like doors and windows. Installing glass windows and doors does impact on your premise’s overall appearance but keeping it clean, clear and elegant takes much effort than you usually think. Here comes the application of glass cleaning services in Dubai that help you maintain the charismatic feel in your interiors as well as exteriors with those beautiful glass based parts of your premise. So we put together some points to realize you the benefits of glass cleaning services in Dubai and how you can make best use of this service in your interest.


Whether it’s you or any customer trying to look through that glass window, if you ignore the importance of glass cleaning on routine basis, it spoils down the real charm the window has to offer. A dirty or scratchy glass window doesn’t look good with your premise’s overall appearance and you blame the interior for not impressing you or the customers that walk into your place. But the real problem is not maintaining a cleaning routine of your glass and once you adopt it, everything gets into its place in natural way. Whether its interior windows and doors or exterior glass based parts of your building, you may always hire professional glass cleaning windows in Dubai on affordable rates and maintain that clear vision both from inside or outside of the place.


You keep the inner part of your premise clean and want to live a healthy and purely hygienic life but still not able to feel that clean vibe from the place, right? What could have been working against your plan that you are not feeling content with respect to your place’s cleanliness and see dust, dirt or grime in corners (or maybe on the glass window)? When you leave glass windows unclean for months, they get spoiled with the variable weather conditions and this is where the dirt issues arise. Keeping glass windows and doors clean remove that small amount of dust and dirt that are making your place dirty. Contacting the providers of glass cleaning services in Dubai helps you keep these kinds of issues at bay and live a hygienic life.


Everything has an expiry date and you know that very well so the same rule applies on that expansive glass that you installed in your windows and doors. These glass based windows and doors act as a wall between you and the hard wind that blows couple of times during the day in Dubai. If you miss to keep them clean, they first get dirty and gradually become fragile and break down after getting in contact with different problematic elements. When you clean your glass, or hire a glass cleaning company in Dubai, they stay away from different issues that reduce their life and become more durable. So if you don’t want to spend money on renovation of glass based items of your place, you need to invest in a glass cleaning company in Dubai that offers its services on very affordable rates.


Do you want to increase sales and make your shop the number one place to buy in town? What are your marketing tactics to attract customers and how effective they have been up till now? Do you know that not keeping the shop clean can hugely impact on your business’s sale generation? Yes! You heard me right and you need to change your perception about the importance of shop cleaning services in Dubai because no one wants to buy from a place that is less clean and unhygienic. So here are few ways you can attract more customers by keeping the shop clean and make best use of cleaning services Dubai.


So tell me, what attracts a person while passing through a random shop that could make him (or her) pay a visit and check out the stuff the place has to offer – shop front, right? And how clean or maintained your shop’s front is that anyone would want to reach the counter and ask about any particular item that you offer? That’s an important question because if your shop’s front is not clean and attractive enough to gain attention of massive crowd outside, it’s an indication that you need to find a provider of cleaning services Dubai that can dust off the front and make it catchy for your customers.


Customers behave in a choosy way when purchasing something and you should not overlook this fact. Imagine, a customer walks up to your shop and starts examining each section of products and when buy ambien legally online he/she is about to pick up the required item the layer of dust distracts the person. So tell me, are you ready to lose a customer due to poor cleaning conditions of your shelves or would you call in the providers of cleaning services Dubai to keep your shelves clean and shiny?


Like the shelves, the racks and stands also play a very important role in making a customer’s mind either for purchasing something or skipping to the next section. Do you think that anyone would want to pick that juice or snack from a dirty and rusty stand over a clean and nicely arranged one? This is the section that you need to pay special attention if you want to keep the sales up. If the racks and stands have developed stubborn marks, you may ask the providers of cleaning services Dubai to remove them using their steam cleaning services and get back that newness in your articles.


People today pay due care to their hygienic living standard and prefer to deal with businesses that have adopted a hygienic lifestyle themselves. Now if you fail to maintain a hygienic and clean business image of your shop (that you surely have) then people start looking for your alternative and that you wouldn’t want to happen. But if you make best use of Shop Cleaning Services Dubai and give the right impression to your customers, they won’t look for your alternative to shop for the products that you sell.


Running your tuck shop from Dubai’s top location isn’t benefiting your business and you don’t know what has gone wrong, right? Is that you’re not creative enough to attract people or the location, which you’ve chosen for your tuck shop, is not as appealing as you first thought it would be? Sometimes the problem lies right in front of our eyes but we fail to spot it in time and make wrong decisions. Being the top providers of shop cleaning services Dubai, we’ve noticed that the only problem – in cases like yours – is a dirty environment that keeps people at bay from entering the shop. So here are few reasons why people would hold back for buying from you and how you may fix them.

Grained Glass Windows

If you put yourself in your customer’s position, you’ll have a better picture of the root problem that your business is facing right now. Now go out and have a look of your tuck shop from a distance and you’ll find out that the first thing that usually attracts potential customers is blocking their vision to see inside the shop – the glass windows. You know Dubai’s unpredictable weather and the sand that flies here and there on the wings of air right? These are the elements that make your glass doors blurry and grainy that eventually blocks the clear vision they are meant to provide. You need to make contact with the provider of cleaning services Dubai that offer professional glass cleaning on affordable rates.

Greasy Doormat & Handles

Suppose, you wanted to buy some juices and snacks for a long journey to another emirate from Dubai and you spot two tuck shops adjacent to each other. Now while entering the door, you felt the handle is little greasy and the doormat looks like a dusting cloth. Be honest and answer that if you’d like to enter that tuck shop or try the other one? This same thing can hold back your customers from entering the door if they spot such issues. You need to wash them off and if their cleaning condition is on an extreme level, try hiring a cleaning company in Dubai for a thorough steam cleaning service.

Dusty & Oily Shelves

Imagine a customer crosses the door and finally reaches the counter to ask about any product. But as he makes the eye contact with you passing a smile, he feels that the shelf is a little damp and his whole attention diverts from the item he intended to purchase to your tuck shop’s cleaning conditions. Are you ready to lose a good customer just for not cleaning the shelves properly? As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we always ask shop owners to keep the shelves clean and dry otherwise it may affect their business’s reputation due to cleaning issues.

Stained Stand

You must have observed the behavior of your customers as some ask you directly about any particular item and the others rush towards the racks and stands to find the item themselves. And this is where you need to look further to ensure the cleanliness of your tuck shop. If they find stains or some kind of marks on the stand or racks, they might have a bad impression about your product’s usability. As a cleaning company, we highly recommend keeping these visible items clean and shining 24/7 if you don’t want to lose the customers.


Running a successful daycare center in town is not an easy task when you’re confronted with so many problems that are affecting the health of your little angels – kids. As one of the leading provider of cleaning services Dubai, we’ve observed some patterns in which daycare centers develop cleaning issues and how they can fix it. So read on to discover how you can make your daycare center a super fun place for kids so the parents, that are counting on you, can relax knowing their kids are in safe hands (and in a clean place).

Filthy Playground

After running the daycare center for several months (or years), you probably have noticed the most occupied place by the kids i.e. the playground. Children love playing and they learn new things with different activities at the playground. But what else they are getting apart from that creative knowledge that could affect their health conditions? For ensuring the safety of your kids, you need to keep your playground area clean and for that, you may contract with a professional cleaning company in Dubai for periodic cleaning visits if you don’t have in-house cleaning facility.

Contaminated Kitchen Area

Children behave differently in terms of eating patterns and you would have noticed that during your daycare management duties right? And this is where you need to notice about the cleaning precautions that might be causing the problem for you. Go around your kitchen area and analyze the cleanliness of shelves, fridge and stove and see how clean or dirty they are? Most of the time, the food sticks to surfaces and invites dust particles that contain germs. Now think what else would you be carrying when preparing buy placebo ambien food for kids of different ages and how it can affect their health conditions? That’s why we recommend deep cleaning services every 3 to 6 months to free your kitchen area from such issues.

Unclean Furniture

Coming to your furniture, the place is occupied for about 8 to 10 hours with so many beautiful and cute kids right? And they all use your furniture either to relax, when doing some study work or making a castle with those colorful blocks right? How sure are you about the cleanliness of every furniture item that your daycare center has? Think about it and decide if it is time for a cleaning session to keep your furniture clean for general use?

Polluted Washrooms

This is one of the most important places that your daycare center’s members use frequently during the day. So tell me, how clean or unclean it is and what have you planned to keep your daycare center’s washroom usable? If your washrooms are smelly, filthy and give a disastrous impression then parents might want to look for another daycare center in town. Get help from the providers of cleaning services Dubai and make it clean again.

Disorganization Issues

When parents trust you for garnering their child’s brain with good etiquettes and kind thoughts, it is your duty to broadcast a positive message from your doings. Because kids learn from the environment in which they spend time so keep that environment organized for them. Organization is a priceless habit that is a bit hard to cultivate and as a provider of cleaning services Dubai, we not only recommend to stay organized but also help you keep everything in a systematic manner through our cleaning services.