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Who doesn’t like a calm and clean environment on weekends when you could enjoy some ‘me’ time without worrying about all those germs and bacteria that snatch your peace of mind? Carpets – being an integral part of a residential premise – decide whether you’d enjoy that free time or keep yourself busy in finding a solution for all the dirt and dust related issues. Being the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai, we have seen people complaining about their carpets that get dirty fast and they have to invest in them again and again. So we thought to put together some useful carpet cleaning tips that could increase your carpet’s life and save you from spending excessive amount of money on purchasing new one.


If you really want to extend the life of your carpets then you first have to develop working strategies for cleaning schedules. See, every household has different cleaning needs and that becomes even complex when it comes to carpeted sections of the premise. Some areas are more occupied than others and some are rarely used so you need to focus on each area according to their usage for cleaning your carpets on routine basis. Most occupied carpeted areas like entrance area and living room required more attention so clean them twice a week. And those that are rarely used (or in your opinion need less vacuuming/cleaning) they can be taken care of once a week.


If you’re like most people, you rarely check your vacuum bags, aren’t you? This is one of the strongest reasons that your carpets never get a desired cleaning treatment and contain dust particles after you pass the vacuum several times on their surface. Being the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai we always ask about customers to check and replace the filters/bags in timely manner when they are handling carpet cleaning on their own. A filter that is already blocked by heavy dust particles and other elements would fail to pick up additional dust particles from the surface of your carpet. So before you go about cleaning the carpet, make sure that the filters have enough room to store additional dust particles off your carpet’s surface.


When picking up dust particles off your carpet surface, never forget to adjust the speed and height of your vacuum machine. See if the vacuum is adjusted too high or you pass it over the carpet too quickly, you’ll fail to pick up majority of particles and your efforts would be all in vain. In the similar manner if the height and speed is too low then it would collide with carpet’s surface and snatch the threads along with dirt particles. This can damage your carpets real quick and you’ll end up either in calling the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai or purchasing a new one.


Have you ever noticed how much dirt and oily elements you bring in to the apartment through that entrance area? This mostly happens when you never consider placing doormats and water absorbent mats at ideal places. Being the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai, we always suggest our customers to make use of doormats at places where your feet can bring in water, dust and dirt particles that mess up with your carpet’s cleanliness.


Carpets and rugs give the place an amazing feel but they require special care to keep them clean all the time. One careless act on your part and you’ll be missing the clean and neat carpets you once have had. To get that clean carpet or rug back you first start finding carpet cleaning services Dubai or decide to clean them yourself. But have you thought that what mistake are you making when cleaning your rugs, doormats and carpets yourself? Here are 5 things that you’ve been doing all wrong!

Stop scrubbing stains:

One common thing that we all do with carpets is to scrubbing stain marks with a rapid speed that we end up destroying the affect part. Firstly, scrubbing doesn’t help you clean your carpets at all as they make the situation even worse. Secondly, when you scrub the stain marks on your carpets, it gets widened so stop doing that with your rugs and carpets. An easy approach is to use shaving cream as it works best for stain marks. Cover the affected area with shaving cream and let it absorb the stain particles from your carpets. Try it, thank me later!

Avoid scratching gums:

Do you have kids at your residence or anyone with ‘chewing’ habits? Well in both cases, finding a gum on your carpet is usual for you, isn’t it? Like many people, you’d be scratching the gum before it gets stick on your carpet for good. But this scratching doesn’t help you get the desired results and increase the carpet cleaning efforts you’d be making later on. Do you know what professional carpet cleaning companies do when cleaning a carpet with gums? They use ice cubes that weaken the gum and makes thing easy for removing it from the carpet.

Try dishwasher on grease:

If you spot a grease mark on your carpet then stop worrying in the first place. Grease mark is a tough one to handle when cleaning your carpet but it can be removed. If other solutions fail to bring back your carpet’s cleanliness, you may simply go for dishwashing detergents. Yes! They work like a spell on the grease marks and help you free your carpets from such evil spots. (Pun intended!)

No knives for candle wax:

Are you planning any candlelight dinner in your living room or celebrating the birthday of any house member? Be watchful as if the candle wax drops onto your carpet or rug, the whole excitement will fade away. Suppose, you’ve been into such situation and thinking to remove candle wax. Mark my words! Do not use knives or any edgy object! Instead of this, you may try ironing the wax but be sure to use a towel to prevent direct contact of iron and wax.

Don’t forget to clean carpets every week:

We all love our carpets and rugs but rarely find time to clean them on daily basis. Nope! You don’t need to clean them daily but don’t forget them for months. Make it a routine to clean your carpets on weekly basis if you want to save money on carpet cleaning services in Dubai.


Keeping carpets and rug is one of the hardest thing to do in Dubai’s warm and soiled atmosphere. Given the fact that we live in a busy emirate, no one gets enough time to wash the rugs and carpets properly. This results in smell, dusty and shabby carpets that disturbs the hygienic environment of the place. If you’re dealing with carpet problems due to time constraints and commitments, you may hire professional carpet cleaning Dubai to get the job done. We came up with some good benefits you may get by hiring a carpet cleaning company in Dubai and keep the rugs and carpets neat and clean.

Desired Cleaning Results:

As a matter of fact, many people find it hard to achieve desired cleaning results when they wash the rugs and carpets themselves. This might be the insufficient carpet cleaning skills or they might be facing time constraints. Whatever the reason, they end up witnessing an uncleaned carpet as they done cleaning. But when you hire carpet cleaning services in Dubai, you get your carpets and rugs cleaned the way you want them to be. No matter how dirty or smelly your rugs are, the cleaners will get the job done in said time.

Customized Cleaning Approaches:

You might be sticking with old cleaning approaches that might not be very effective for your dirty carpet’s problem. With a professional carpet cleaning company in Dubai, you can avail different methods of cleaning your carpets. This not only saves time but also gives your carpet a new look with extended life. Professional cleaners work with multiple cleaning methods to maintain hygienic standards set by monitoring bodies on government level. This means you not only get clean rugs and carpets but also avail approved carpet cleaning methods that meet international cleaning standards.

Latest Tools & Techniques:

Unlike past, we are facing new dirt problems that cannot be fixed with conventional cleaning approaches. Today dirt marks and spots are sturdier than before and need special treatments to keep your rugs and carpets clean. Professional carpet cleaners work with different cleaning tools and products to deal with these stains and dirt marks that ruin the life of your beautiful rugs and carpets. You might not be aware of the latest cleaning detergents that are effective and relevant for specific kind of stain problems and this is where professional carpet cleaning services play their role.

Professional Carpet Cleaners:

One very common reason to go with professional carpet cleaning company is that they are professional and know what they are doing. You might be facing this carpet problem after a long time but they do it on the daily basis. The professionals would be dealing with different kind of stain problems and dust issues that you might not be aware of and they can propose a better solution. They can clean your rugs and carpets in less time and can provide better cleaning results.

No Dirt Anymore:

When you trust on a professional carpet cleaner, you expect 100% positive results from the cleaning job. The carpet cleaning company work with different cleaning methods and latest products to make sure that your rugs and carpets are free from smell and stain. No matter what kind of stain problems you’ve been facing, the professionals assure that your rugs are clean to be used again.

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