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Cleaning Services

Liverpool Dubai Won Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 Contract

As the Formula 1 Grand Prix heads over to Abu Dhabi to discover the 2016 race winner, Liverpool Dubai feels proud to announce its association with the this mega event.  The event will commence on November 24, 2016 and we’ve already began providing Cleaning Services at Yas Marina Circuit to welcome you with a clean racing track, shining grandstands and refreshing sight of every corner at Yas Marina Circuit.

Over 200 cleaners will be providing Professional Cleaning Services to you at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to maintain comfort and hygiene standards in your racing experience. Our staff is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and advanced cleaning methods for offering you quality cleaning services. All the preparations are completed from our side and employee verifications are also completed by Abu Dhabi police department.

Marking its final stage, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 will decide the racing winner of this year’s series but before that, a huge event will take place to entertain all the attendees. In this event, you’ll not only witness amazing cars vrooming and leaving behind opponents, but some famous names from music industry will sooth your ears. Yes, the reason we’re excited is that 3 megastars will entertain you through the main event and stay with you till the end.

Upon opening ceremony of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Pitbull will attend the guests with his amazing rapping talent. Later on, Lionel Richie and The Chemical Brothers will make their way to stage to entertain the spectators. On November 25, all drivers will take part in practice session and you’ll get to see the first race on November 26 consisting on 31 laps (approx. 60 mins). After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix unveil the winner, renowned singer Rihanna will close the event with her beautiful voice and mesmerizing songs.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Abu Dhabi and cheer your favorite team. So have an amazing Abu Dhabi Grand Prix experience and may the best player win.