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We all love coffee but sometimes the affection with this energizing drink costs us coffee stains that no one likes at all. Whether it’s your favorite white dress, the sofa cover or the bedsheet that you recently bought from Meena Bazaar, little carelessness and you’ll end up witnessing a big blot of coffee stain. But instead of giving that dirty mark a tough look, let’s talk about how to remove coffee stains and get back your favorite clothing. We’ve underlined 3 working laundry tips from our cleaning services experience in Dubai and we hope you’ll find them useful when treating coffee stains back in your laundry room.

Tip # 1: Soak it up with white vinegar

With an excessive use of coffee in offices, getting coffee stains on white cloths is normal but if you experience this situation, don’t panic and follow this laundry tip to remove coffee stains. In our Cleaning Services in Dubai, we recommend using white vinegar that’s the best solution for treating coffee stains on all types of clothing and the process is quite simple.

  • Mix white vinegar in lukewarm water
  • Add up dishwashing detergent (that’d cost you around AED 20.00)
  • Now soak the cloth in it and wait for 15 minutes

This will fade up the excessive amount of coffee stains and you’re good to go with the second phase of your washing activity. Just wash the clothing in normal way and forget any coffee stains that were troubling you few moments ago.

Tip # 2: Scrub it off through white sponge

As a leading Cleaning Companies in Dubai, we do understand that some coffee stains are difficult to wash off if they’re left untreated for several hours but we have a solution to deal with such problem as well. We recommend using enzyme presoak products to treat coffee stains on your favorite dress, sofa covers, bedsheets and pillows etc. The process is similar to previous one but with little changes.

  • Firstly, put some isopropyl alcohol on the affected area
  • Start scrubbing coffee stains with white sponge
  • Lastly treat it with enzyme presoak products to get rid of coffee stains
  • Leave the clothing in warm water for next 30 minutes

After you soak the clothing for half an hour, the stains will start to lose their grip from fabric and you can easily get back a clean clothing.

Tip # 3: Let the bleach deal with coffee stain!

If the coffee stains are too difficult to wash off from your favorite dress, you need to try another strategy for removing coffee stains off your clothing. Arrange for bleach (chlorine/oxygen) that is of washing grade/safe for general use and start cleaning procedure. As a provider of cleaning services in Dubai, we use bleach for treating coffee stains and the results are always favorable.

What’s your strategy for removing coffee stains from white cloths? Do share your tips for dealing with these coffee stains in comment section below.