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How to Clean Swimming Pool (5 Easy Steps!)

As one of the most active cleaning companies in Dubai, we often receive requests for swimming order ambien online from canada pool cleaning from people living in different areas of Dubai, UAE. Being the provider of cleaning services in Dubai, we understand how swimming pool attaches with your life and various amazing events you have on certain occasions. You might be thinking to arrange a barbeque party or planning to spend a calm evening with your spouse near the pool but not in such awful condition. As the question ‘how to clean swimming pool on your own’ hits your mind, we rolled up our sleeves to answer the query.

Step 1: Gather required cleaning products

It’s always a good practice to gather required tools that you’d use when cleaning swimming pool. For instance, when we provide swimming pool cleaning services in Dubai, we always have a list or required tools to go about the whole procedure. If you do not own all (or any) of the cleaning tools, check with your local hardware store where you possible can buy them. Get yourself a pole, leaf net and never ever forget about the scrubbing tool kit for cleaning pool’s walls and floor tiles.

Step 2: Check if the water clean enough

The next thing you need to do is to check water condition of your swimming pool. When cleaning swimming pool, keep this fact in mind that its water can be contaminated by various elements like urine, precipitation or body lotion. If it smells and seems dirty from the top, you need to replace it with fresh water or else you’ll be gathering different diseases in your swimming pool. Being one of the top cleaning companies in Dubai, we work with industry approved cleaning products to decontaminate your swimming pool water from such issues.

Step 3: Start with swimming pool surf

After when you’ve check the cleanliness of your pool’s water, it is time to capture those items that are dwelling on the surface. If you live in a place filled with trees or have kids in your home, you’d end up seeing plethora of different items that might prove a serious issue. So pick up the leaf net for capturing these problematic items and free your pool surface from the risk of clogging up. Be very calm when catching small items as they may slip away from the net and make sure you picked every item that was visible on the surface.

Step 4: Mix disinfectants in water

When you start cleaning swimming pool, make sure you use industry approved disinfectants that are specially designed to kill germs and bacterial elements. If you don’t know much about disinfectants that are effective for pool water’s treatment, check with an expert instead of using a hazardous product. When we perform the swimming pool cleaning services in Dubai, our expert cleaners are always equipped with multiple disinfectant options to deal with any situation.

Step 5: Clean walls and bottom of swimming pool

After pool’s water, your priority should be the walls and floor tiles of your swimming pool. When cleaning swimming pool yourself, you’ll encounter with different kind of dust particles that may affect your health and wellbeing. So make use of the scrubbing tools to clean up the walls and make sure they are not having any dust, debris or other element that may affect your health level. Attach the scrubber with pole to reach the bottom of your pool and carefully start cleaning your swimming pool.

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