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Health and safety Traning

Health and Safety Training @ Water Canal 12.06.16 and @ Park Tower 11.06.16

Liverpool Dubai has conducted a Health and Safety Training Program at Water Canal View and Park Tower, as per monthly training planner, as we do understand that health and safety is a kind of thing that people mostly avoids while in cleaning by not to utilize appropriate rules and guidelines of Health and Safety.

It is important to take health and safety issues seriously in cleaning industry, as in cleaning mostly we use chemical products which can be so harmful, also the cleaning equipment being used in cleaning industry needs to be maintained and handle correctly to avoid injuries, etc., even the act of cleaning itself is a hectic process and could be dangerous as well as using chemicals and equipment’s, particularly dangerous regarding working postures of cleaner, while lifting and using of ladders.

It is important to ensure that everyone is implanting and creating best practice procedures, as by this we can create a very positive attitude toward health and safety by the implementation of using appropriate rules and guides provided in Training Manuel or Workshops.

Most people treat it like taking best health and safety rules are a good practice, but when it comes to commercial cleaning, it is can not only be a best practice of ensuring health and safety, it is also about ensuring the laws, by taking care of employees and everyone’s heath, utilize best and green environmental practices, so no one can be harm of any injuries or infections, otherwise responsible person is liable to the prosecution, as per the laws.

We at Liverpool are highly enthusiastic to serve our customers with safe working procedures, for the same purpose we provide Training Workshops at client places to ensure the quality to keep health and safety standards at our utmost priority. This Training Workshop was conducted to provide following cleaning guidelines for appropriate Health and Safety management at workplace.


Risk Assessment:

Risk Assessment in cleaning for health and safety shows us different kind of approaches, a business may take. This process might be used to get information about different hazard problems, while cleaning at your business places, so the steps which you would like to take to control such hazardous risks for health and safety reasons are collected through Risk Assessment.

We understand that every business may have different activities, so it is required to think about the hazards and their controls in your business by yourself.

Every business is different – needs to think through the hazards and controls required in your business for yourself.

  • Conduct Risk Assessment and continuously monitor safe working practices.
  • Ensure that, the best practice is applied at all times during cleaning
  • It is important we report any injuries, accidents or issues at workplace to the supervisor.
  • No site will be perfect, but the rule of oblige is good for the safe working environment.

Few cleaning activities represent more risk than others, such as working at height, it’s not a good idea to stand on chairs or other objects, we need to always be aware of use the correct ladders.

  • Consult your Risk Assessment to make sure you get the both of preparation and use of ladder correctly, but it’s not just obvious hazards such of the use of ladders, etc. 

Correct Working Posture 

Correct  Working posture in cleaning is very important and effective for health and safety from injuries, when using cleaning machinery or equipments, it is important to use the correct working posture, working in upright position and with the straight pack is always useful, moving with the machine as it moves or direct cleaning, will give you ease to stay away from bending your body side to side, which is mostly be the cause of neck or shoulder injuries.

Incorrect Postures can cause injury during, soon or later after cleaning work, which will not be the reason waste of energy, wasted the time of work too. It is estimated by the expert’s hat 12 million days are lost by skeleton disorders, due to incorrect use of postures during cleaning job.

As during cleaning, workers face different kinds of injuries, which develop in body as shoulder and neck pain, back pain, wrist pain, etc., mostly these cumulative trauma injuries develop due to incorrect working posture, it could be develop over a period of weeks, months or years.

Moving and Lifting Machinery

While moving or lifting machinery, always use appropriate instructions and wheels or handles attached with equipment, does not move machines if not required or necessary, if you move un usual I can damage your machine and risk your health, as can be a reason of any injuries or pains. It is also recommended to lift weight as per guidelines, or weight limits.

The purpose of this training was to emphasize the ways of custodial work to make easier and safer for everyone working at Liverpool Dubai, so we can reduce the risks of strain injuries and strains by proper lifting of machinery and moving cleaning tools, while a clean job is in process, by following the health and safety regulation.

Care of Equipment

We know the importance of equipment and machinery and the reasons why to take well care of them, due to it is a major investment by a individual commercial place or mostly by the cleaning company. It is highly recommended to use the equipment after analyzing that it is free of damage and ensure it is fit to the purpose, there is no any problem with the case and wheels of equipment, as it can harmful to the cleaner or people around.

“This Training was held to train the employees abut proper use and care of cleaning equipment, like Plastic bottles, Brute & Caddy, Rags, Dust Pans, Brushes, Brooms, measuring cups, dust mops, wet mops, buckets and wringers, vacuum cleaners, and all other cleaning equipment’s.”

It has  been advised to the cleaners that do not use any of cleaning equipment without prior training or awareness about the use of that cleaning equipment, as of using cleaning equipment with appropriate knowledge can damage your work places, as well as can harm yourself or other people around you. Keep a service record with you to ensure every time that your equipment is ready to use and no servicing is required for it, always ensure you machine is services as per the guidelines of manufacture,

check cables, buttons or electrical accessories attached to ensure the security of your equipment and health or safety of the cleaner.

Product Labels

Where ever it is possible, we do have a general and standardized approach to the product labels, to tell the cleaner, what the product does, by labeling the product with correct guidelines, it is not just to put in knowledge of cleaner about the use of labels, it is also recommended by the legislation authorities to use products with proper labels, which provide safety information and the user must obey those instructions or guidelines.

Use of labels is essential, as it can be used at right place with right type of cleaning products. The transfer of cleaning products to a new container, require OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), by whom that container be labeled.

Labels are used to help the users understand about the type of chemicals are inside the container, and the about hazardous problems, which can be occurred if user will not be use it with proper instructions.

Hazard Warning Symbols

Hazardous chemicals are all around, especially while performing cleaning task at commercial or business places, the presence of hazardous particles or chemical are important to take in note while doing a cleaning job, so it is highly recommended to know and understand Hazard warning symbols, as Hazard Symbols or Pictograms alert us about any hazardous chemical around.

In this training session, employees were given information about Hazard Warning Symbols for the chemicals or hazardous, which are mostly in attendance while performing a cleaning process.

Diluting Products

For the  correct usage and dilution of products, the procedure is to use appropriated protected code, reading the label and checking out the PH Scale before use. When diluting the products always have the products directly in water and not the other way around.  This avoids the product dangers to splits right around the bucket. Always check the dosage and never mix chemicals, use appropriate guide for diluting.

In this training, have been provided precise directions to the cleaning workers, as we do understand that it is important to follow directions while using or diluting cleaning products.  We do try to dispense our cleaning chemicals through meters, so we can have the proper dilution of a cleaning chemical always, includes all kind of products for material safety, after checking them on the basis of MST.

Care of Products

It is important to take well care of products and testing of cleaning solution always on an inconspicuous area, while going to apply it to the surfaces during cleaning.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is legal obligation for the correct PPE to be provided and we must always use it, however free conclave we carry out tasks, it’s uses are mandatory for a reason, that is our safety.

It is refer to caring equipments for cleaner, including safety garments, clothes, safety shoes, mask, goggles, and helmets, caution signs, etc., as these Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)’s are especially designed to care the body of wearer from any infections or injury problems.

In this training session, the use of PPE and the benefits have been shared with the cleaning staff, to have health with safety.

Hazard Warning Signs

Hazardous Warning signs are used to warn or alert about the risky conditions which isn’t likely to be life frightening.  Mostly hazardous warning signs are used on a yellow background color with Black Text or Pictogram, warning signs includes different hazardous situations as signs, ex: Explosive, Oxidizing, Flammable, Acute Toxicity, Corrosive, Environmental Hazardous, etc.

Safety Signs

Safety Signs are used to notify you about the hazards and precautions, during the training of employees have been provided awareness about numerous useful and required safety signs, like; Do Not Use Phone, Fire Alarms, Do Not Smoke, etc.

General Healthy Safety Rule

Everyone of our employees are expected to know and follow Health and Safety Management System, as per General Healthy Safety Rules, the purpose of training was to make it sure that all General Healthy Safety Rules are implemented and employees should be able to properly work by these Rules.

First Aid Kits

We must know the location of all first aid kits, and have in mind about such as standard kits are there as others.

Appropriate training and awareness was given to employees about the use of first aid kit, which is a kind of kit collects very basic and important equipment’s or clinical supplies to use in giving a person first aid, it can be put individually or by organization for the purpose of helping in emergency first aids.

Never, Ever Take Risk!

Trainers were emphasized, the term Never; Ever Take Risk during cleaning process by not following the health and safety rules, as it can be so hazardous or dangerous for the health of the cleaner.

Color Coding Procedure

Safety information of products also includes color coding schemes, by using fabrics or cleaning products with color coding, we can have ability to understand that how we can stop harmful bacteria to being transmitted from one place to another place, by using different color for each place, as toilets or washrooms, Kitchens, Bed Rooms, Store Rooms, etc. with specific color code, these cloning method can be so useful, as if a cloth with specific color code is used to clean a toilet or bathroom, will not be used in the food preparation area.