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commercial cleaning services


Liverpool Dubai is a highly focused company in commercial cleaning services in Dubai & UAE to serve businesses with professional and quality cleaning solutions. We aim to facilitate you by providing pristine environment and to make your commercial atmosphere more beautiful and healthy.


Our customers rely upon Liverpool Dubai with trust, as they know that leaving their cleaning hectic on Liverpool Dubai will be a one more thing to make yourself worry less about cleaning requirements and it would be great for an increase in your employees productivity and performance, due to they will like to work with more ease, after a warm cleaning.


We are extended to all kinds of cleaning services, related to every industry in Dubai & UAE.


Restaurants Cleaning

Medical Facilities Cleaning

Auto Warehouses / Auto Dealerships

Office Space or Buildings Cleaning

Shopping Malls / Retail Stores

Day Care Centers or School Cleaning

Gym, Spa or Fitness Centers Cleanings


Our cleaning services are aimed to be the best by using latest technologies, tools and materials for cleaning of all commercial places by taking care of every single detail of your place in mind. Liverpool Dubai serves with highly trained cleaners, as they have complete understanding of cleaning fundamentals or green clean techniques for commercial cleaning services in Dubai & UAE.


Our Commercial Cleaning Includes Numerous Services, few of them are stated below:


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Empty all trash containers, vessel, holders, sanitization of restroom fixtures with cleaning, polishing furniture as required or dusting, door or windows cleaning, dusting windows blinds, dusting horizontal surfaces on daily basis, vacuuming of all carpeting materials, cleaning spots, sweeping, moping all kind of tiles or floors and spot cleaning as required.


Entrance glass or interior glass cleaning, kitchen cleaning or maintenance, with appliances and break room fixtures, dusting, air vents and other equipment’s or major devices at your commercial place are also included in our commercial cleaning services.


By using commercial cleaning services  of Liverpool Dubai you can not only save your time or money, but you would be able to maintain a healthy environment, cleaned for the safety of your employees and will be able to give them a feel to work more happily to be more productive and effective resource at work.