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What are the Cleaning Secrets of Professional Maids at Liverpool Dubai?

Let us share with you the ways of how professional maids clean, know their insider smarts to make your home cleaning essential same like as in hotels, maids do make them incredible and awesome by general cleaning services.

Know the best cleaning secrets of professional maids of Liverpool Dubai, let us share with you the insider smartness of our maids which are so essential in making a home beautiful same like as hotels, as if someone knows about the quick-yet-efficient ways of cleaning, they might only be hotel maids, due to the huge practice and working loads to manage everyday with effective working balance in the process of cleaning.

Here a few tips and methods to share with you, which can help you to make your home beautiful, maintained by self or even if you are looking to hire a maid from Liverpool Dubai.

1. Maids Clear the Cutter First, then any other cleaning task,

so they could be able to start cleaning process from a blank slate, they empty trash, removal of towels, linens or any other thing as well which left behind. They clear bottles, towels, Bathmats in bathrooms, and everything which is in the toilet tank or the counters.

2. Microfiber cloths are most preferred by them,

but they also reach for clever alternatives in a pinch, as it is a big secret for proper cleaning cloth is efficient for best cleaning results and Microfiber is the favorite one. Avoid use of polyester, terrycloth or towels, as they mostly create more dust.

3. They know how quickly made a bed in a tricky way,

it might take too much time to make a bed clean and ready, that is larger than a twin. Maids knows where the tags should always go on, they go on the bottom always, as it doesn’t matter from which corner of bed your start, it would be realized every time by you that putting a fitted sheet at the short end have been putted by you in the long end. So try to mark inside seams with a marker specially used for fabrics.

4. The whack in good way the curtains,

while doing deep cleanings, it is usual that while a claim is in process, dust particles can move or circulate continuously around the room at the same time. It is considered as best to whack drapes with a hand towel for proper dusting.

5. They do vacuum, before going to start mopping,

as it is essential to vacuum or sweet before starting of the mop process in cleaning, as it would be difficult to remove if you face wet hair on the floor, so when it’s needed to start mopping process, you should start from the far corner and make it to the door.

6. Maids clean bathrooms at last,

as it is best to minimize the transfer of bacteria by starting in the bedroom else than bathrooms.



Our 800 Cleaning services are included with general cleaning, by charging up as per hour basis and on the basis of each job task.


Find below are few of our 800 cleaning services:

  • Deep Cleaning (we charge on the basis of per job only for deep clean)
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Sofa Shampoo
  • Window Cleaning Exterior and Interior Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Restaurant kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Pre and Post Event Cleaning