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Cleaning Services in Dubai


In a household, especially living area, carpets and rugs play an eminent role in maintaining your home’s clean impression in front of guests, neighbours and friends. What if these unsung representatives fail to establish a classy picture of your lifestyle? The reason is, your carpet needs to be replaced or needs Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for a little makeover. But are you ready to spend a considerable amount on purchasing and then installing new carpets every 3 months? Let us share a small story of one of our (now) happy customers – Mrs. Ahmed.

Mrs. Ahmed was very happy when she first replaced her old carpet with new one having soft furs and beautiful pattern that perfectly matched with curtains. Due to lack of attention, the beautiful carpet became odorous, dirty and lost its charm within 2 months. When she was about to throw out this smelly carpet at the cost of an expensive one, she called Liverpool Dubai’s professional carpet cleaners and the carpet was saved. All it needed was a professional carpet cleaning and little care. And now Mrs. Ahmed is in our ‘Happy Customer’ list and using that same carpet (that doesn’t smell at all).

We felt that most people fail to prioritize their cleaning activities that affect the life and appearance of furniture. And being one of the most used items, carpets and rugs easily develop different issues like dirt, marks and smells. So being one of the best Cleaning Company in Dubai, we categorized the solution for your carpet cleaning needs in 4 different scenarios that we usually face.

Single resident

Vacuuming – Once a week

Deep cleaning – Once every 12 months

Restoration – Once a year

Families with children

Vacuuming – Twice a week

Deep cleaning – Every 6 months

Restoration – Annually

Residencies with children and pets

Vacuuming – Several times in a week

Deep cleaning – Quarterly

Restoration – 2 times in a year

Residents with party habits

Vacuuming – On daily basis

Deep cleaning – Every two months

Restoration – Every 3 months

You can compare each scenario with your current cleaning requirements and make the best decision when thinking to hire professional carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE. Or else, our professional carpet cleaning team is always ready to help you with proven cleaning methods and years of experience.

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