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Cleaning Services in Dubai

Building Cleaning Tips by Commercial Building Cleaners in Dubai

It is important to maintain cleanliness and maintain a healthy environment at your building, to safe your visitors and employees from the infectious hazards. Green Cleaning is an adaptive process to serve with a beautiful clean atmosphere and fulfill the healthy standards in cleaning and maintenance of Commercial Buildings In Dubai And UAE.

Whether you are an owner of a single commercial building or have at your business location inside the building or you had a property in which you have invested and business are housed inside that building and even if you are managing multiple Commercial Buildings Cleaning and maintenance activities.

You should need to keep your commercial property in the best and effective environment to make it sure your place is clean as per cleaning standard for Commercial Building Cleaning in Dubai and UAE.

But it’s hard to maintain and clean a commercial building by yourself, it is highly recommended to hire best Commercial Building Cleaners in Dubai and UAE, as they can assist you well in cleaning your facility and business place regularly with great cleaning services. Liverpool Dubai is a well-known commercial building and cleaning service provider, we are highly skilled with a team of expert cleaning professionals to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks efficiently.

Tips for effective Commercial Building Cleaning 

There are many essential tips to clean your commercial building, which provides safe or hygienic environment for your staff, visitors and the general public. The Cleaning process includes with floor cleaning, spot-cleaning, dusting, appliance cleaning, cleaning kitchens, bathroom cleaning, offices and many other services.

Here are a few tips for commercial building owners to keep in note for an efficient way of cleaning and maintenance of their buildings at the highest level of standard and meeting the quality code in building care.

Floor Care Tips:

  • Regularly clean all floors.
  • It is good to keep floor mats at all entrances of commercial buildings.
  • To keep away amount of soil, it is good to clean entrance ways all the time.
  • While stains split occur on the floor, clean them immediately.
  • Clean up stains spot on the floor immediately after they occur.
  • Only use authentic and standardized chemicals or try not to use chemicals usually.
  • Under tables, couches and other furniture use protectors prevent damage to your floor.
  • Be care full while moving furniture and other heavy equipments.

Vinyl Cleaning Tips:

  • Mop and sweep floors on a daily basis.
  • It is good to use exterior floor mats, so people can’t track dirt inside the building.
  • Using interior mats can reduce the amount of moisture on the vinyl floors.
  • It is recommended to use floor mats beneath desk chairs, as off to prevent wear and tear to such areas.
  • Never use hot water for mopping on the floors, as it can damage your floor.

Odor Control:

  • Kill odors effectively in your restrooms and other visiting areas of your building.
  • Mold and mildew are leading causes of odors.
  • It is important to give attention to certain areas and items in the toilets, bathrooms, counters, sinks, stalls, waste baskets, showers and floors other cleaning services.
  • Give extra attention to urinals and toilet areas.

Miscellaneous Cleaning Tips:

  • Keep dusting on every surface within your building on a regular basis, as it can cause allergies.
  • Wash and Dry windows with a quality commercial product which can give Streak-Free results.
  • Clean out glass from both inner sides and outer side regularly, it is good to use used newspaper.
  • Wipe down and dust cubicles and desks, which can prevent a build-up of dirt.
  • Clean computer screens, office equipments, like printers and photocopier machines, with mild soap.
  • Empty trash cans daily or as soon as possible while they fill up with trash, move them out of the building and empty outside, according to the arrangement.
  • Clean all those surfaces which people will be touching and use accordingly, like hand rails on the stairs, tables, countertops, elevator buttons and all other areas which are usually touched by your staff, visitors and general public.