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Keeping a facility clean, hygienic and usable for its occupant is one of the biggest challenges for the administration amidst the climatic changes and frequent usage of the premise. Where others find this challenge unachievable, there are some people in Dubai that not only accept it but repeat the process of ‘perfection’ by keeping their facility 100% spotless, clean and safe for everyone. Any guesses how? They don’t spell a cast but get help from the right people – providers of building Cleaning Services Dubai, remember? And if you are not sure how a building cleaning company can help you in keeping the facility clean, this post is definitely for you.


In a public premise – like yours – everything starts with the visual appearance and one thing that can be noticed is that glass is ruling the buildings of Dubai. But the questions it that what are you doing to keep them shiny and spotless? We provide glass cleaning services in Dubai to ensure that your glass windows and doors don’t disappoint you in front of others. Our team works carefully for eliminating the fingerprints, stains and other elements that make your glass messy and blur the vision (in case of see through glass window). So if you’re dealing with problems like messy glass windows, doors and exteriors, you know who to contact.


No doubt that you used expensive marbles to flourish the corridors, lobby and entrance area but what are you doing to keep it attractive when 100s of people step onto it? Even if your facility receives a low volume of visitors, your floor tiles are bound to get dirty, aren’t they? Building cleaning services include steam cleaning solutions to deal with stubborn marks and stains that make your floor dirty and unattractive. We own a team of professional steam cleaners and cover all the major issues that your floor is dealing with in our cleaning services in Dubai. We know how to kick out the debris, dirt or other elements that are making your floor tiles old, rusty and dusty.


Are you inhaling clean air through those air ducts? When was the last time you get them cleaned by a professional cleaning company in Dubai? What process they used to remove the problematic elements in your air ducts? These are the question an administration has to deal with when taking care of a building facility (of any nature). We offer duct cleaning services that are designed specifically to meet your air ducts cleaning needs and keep the premise breathable and up to the cleaning standards of building’s occupants.


The reason for using third party cleaning services in Dubai is not to make the building clean only for once in a year. It’s a recurring process that you have to keep repeating for making sure that everyone is safe from different health problems inside the building. So we offer customized service solutions in shape of long term contracts that enable you to stay satisfied from your building’s cleaning conditions.
For further discussion on how you may keep your building clean, why don’t you give our key account managers a call on 0800 25326464 and get cleaning services in Dubai according to your needs.


Carpets and rugs play the character of an unsung hero in our routine lives, don’t they? And several times they get injured in the line of duty (over exaggerating) by keeping the dust particles away from spreading all over the place. When these loyal friends lose their shine, one must think that it’s time to clean them off either by herself or by a professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Dubai. But…have you ever thought how long will your carpet stay with you and when is the time to buy new one instead of blaming those hardworking cleaners that try their best to remove dust and dullness off your carpet? We did! So here’s a list of scenarios in which you should take appropriate steps towards your carpet. Read on! There’s more to tell…


Like humans, carpets and rugs also show some patterns to identify their ‘aging’ so look for them carefully before you call in a carpet cleaning service. Is it that your carpets or rugs have developed serious stains that are not getting removed even after multiple washes? Are the cleaners giving up on the results in quest of cleaning your carpet? See…questions similar to these two are very important to conclude if you need to replace carpet or give the old one another try with the help of carpet cleaning service in Dubai.


See…it’s very important to understand what kind of carpet you own at the moment. Is it made of nylon, PET polyester or PPT as these aspects can further help you in making a wise decision with respect to your carpet’s cleaning or replacing? And you’re most likely to find this information on the tag attached to one side of your carpet/rug that reveals the material detail. Go, check what type of material it is made of and plan accordingly.

What I meant to say is that there are certain material types to come into their formal form after a wash (like Nylon). But the other types might not recover from the pressings of our feet while we walk on the carpet. In such conditions even if your carpet is cleaned well by a carpet cleaning service provider but there would be no sign of that ‘newness’ which you’re looking for.


Here’s another interesting fact about carpet and that is connected to their life expectancy. Each carpet varies from other with respect to its endurance and once it ends, there’s no use of spending your time, money and soup during the cleaning. So recall that how long have been using that particular carpet that is not providing you the elite feeling when your friends pass compliment on your residential arrangements during the visit? If you’re in doubt, you may speak with the


Life appears to be amazing when everything’s at its place but what if things don’t go according to your plan? A similar kind of situation can be witnessed when we talk about the studio apartment dweller and the challenges that they have to deal with for keeping the premise clean. As a Cleaning Company in Dubai, we help our customers keeping their premise clean 24/7 and from that experience we have few tips that could help you. Whether you’re a student, a single resident who’s constantly late at work or anyone who is looking to add ‘cleanliness’, ‘organization’ and ‘peace of mind’ to their life, must read these secrets for keeping the apartments clean. So let’s begin discussing the cleaning habits that would change the way you reside in your studio apartment.

Pick Things on the Go

Keeping things clean is not hard only if we cultivate few productive habits. We behave carelessly towards petty things that lie on the floor and gradually become a pile of trash-like substance. As a cleaning company in Dubai, we would suggest you to change this habit of letting things remain there on the floor. Pick up plates from the table remove wrappers and peels of fruits and everything that has served its purpose after you use it. This will reduce the general cleaning needs you usually feel in your studio apartment and allow you to live in a clean place.

Purchase Only Important Things

As a cleaning company in Dubai, we have observed few patterns that studio dwellers have which increases their cleaning challenges. The place is scarce in a studio apartment and if you have excessive amount of furniture then you end up filling the whole area. A small space usually gets dirty faster due to occupation of its residents. We suggest our customers to live as a minimalist and use only furniture that they really need. Suppose, you have 3 sofa sets placed in each corner of the apartment but you use only one of them. So what’s the benefit of carrying those 2 extra sofa sets that are just filling the space with their mass? Look around and identify the items that you don’t need and reduce your cleaning challenges.

Clutter Is Your Enemy

Ever thought why do you have to spend more time cleaning your studio apartment even when you follow the cleaning approach? It’s because you let the clutter grow in your apartment and that becomes a nightmare for you. So a rule of thumb is that you should control this habit of leaving the clutter behind and start putting things back to where they belong. This would help you in many ways like keeping everything organized and spending less time cleaning your studio apartment. Try that and thank us later!

Make Most Out Of Your Space

Remember we mentioned using “important fixture” only above? You should really exercise this rule when arranging things in your apartment as if you have too much items in that little space, you’ll end up exhausted. Instead of using spacious furniture items, try using small items that serve the purpose and you’ll have less time cleaning the studio apartment. Basically, the spacious items carry more space and you have to spend more time while kicking dust particles out of tricky corners. So this is why we recommend using small – and important – furniture items in your studio apartment as a cleaning company in Dubai.

Clean Frequently

Here’s a pro tip for you if you spend most of your time in your studio apartment. Instead of giving 2-3 hours specifically to cleaning, we recommend spending 5 minutes every 2 hours cleaning a specific area of your apartment. This way you can manage your time doing different things along with the cleaning activity and you won’t have to dedicate hours to the cleaning thing.

Set Days Effectively

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like cleaning every now and then during the day, you should handle your cleaning challenges one by one. See, there are total 7 days in a week so you may dedicate each day for a specific cleaning challenge. Suppose, the Monday is general cleaning day, Tuesday is dishes day, Wednesday is dedicated to handling petty jobs and washing could be done on weekends.

Use these pro tips for keeping your studio apartment clean and we hope you’ll be able to get hold of your cleaning challenges.

For further discussion on how to keep your studio clean and get free price estimations, you may speak with our key account managers on 0800 25326464 now.


Do you think that cleaning your home twice a week or so is enough to consider that you’re living a hygienic lifestyle? Well, as a cleaning company Dubai we’d advise you that things could be different than we think they are and this is time we start taking everything critically. A recent article by Elisabeth Leamy suggests that our furniture items especially the carpets could be providing protection to various diseases that are hazardous and dangerous for our health. So we thought compile a list of these hazards and let you know about the cleaning challenges that you are not taking very seriously when it comes to cleaning of your apartment’s cleaning. So read on and discover how you can prevent all these cleaning related problems.


cleaning company dubai

Elisabeth Leamy, the host of podcast ‘Easy Money’ and advocate of programs such as Good Morning America, states in her article that majority of disease issues occur due to new furniture items. By ‘new furniture items’ she refers the odor that they usually have which most people deem as a sign of newness but it is actually indicating the presence of various chemicals the manufacturers use. This odor causes different diseases due to inclusion of chemicals like ethylene glycol or benzene that is not very health friendly for humans.

She further adds to her theory that most people are prone to install the new furniture items as soon as they can and they even uncover them inside the premise. This act increases the intrusion of various chemicals inside their premise without even their knowing. As we all know that chemicals dissolve in air very quickly and absorb in different surfaces very quickly so would you feel safe by staying in such a place?

Her findings further suggest that when we paint our home, we should wait for it to dry completely before replacing the carpets and doormats. As per Leamy, the odor containing the unseen chemicals can easily mix up with the carpets and contaminate them. As a cleaning company in Dubai, if we recollect the routine habits, we walk, sit and even lay down on the carpets in our apartment, don’t we?


cleaning company dubai

As the cleaning company in Dubai, we totally understand your concerns about the new furniture items that you just added but again the health is on priority, isn’t it? As far as you’re concerned about the contaminated carpets and sofa sets, we offer advanced cleaning solutions to free them up from germs and bacteria that could affect your health being a cleaning company in Dubai. Rest there are certain approaches that you may adopt for keeping the premise safe from such hazardous chemicals that dissolve into the air very quickly:

  • We suggest you not the furniture items let into your apartment until they have less chemical odor.
  • Try keeping the carpets out until the paint dries when you go about painting your rooms, living area and other part of the apartment.
  • You may also speak with the seller about your furniture’s chemical odor and the threats it poses by the time of purchase and plan better.
  • Inspect your apartment every 2 months to ensure that everything is in control and you’ll have less health problems amid the cleaning challenges you have.

For more discussion about the safe practices and living a hygienic lifestyle, you may speak with our key account managers at 0800 25326464 and get free job estimations now.


The year 2017 is about to end and we’re soon entering a new year with so many ambitious targets to achieve and carry forward the current year’s pending tasks. As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we are also very excited to set new goals and give ourselves new challenges to conquer. So we thought why not give our fellow readers some hints to set their goals effectively for the year 2018 instead of repeating the old, boring and de-motivating To-Do list that never urges us to push ourselves forward. We wish you people a very happy New Year in advance and hope that you make constructive and achievable targets for coming years to make your life more organized, serene and clean.

Things to Do @ Work

cleaning services dubai

  • Think about your work routine and you’ll have the visuals how you spend the working hours. Instead of keeping up with the old routine of laziness near 5PM, why don’t we start utilizing each minute in a constructive way?
  • During the working hours, we crush so many papers and trash them off without giving it a second thought that it could have been used elsewhere. So why don’t we adopt green work practices and save environment in coming years by utilizing less paper based products in our office?
  • Majority of diseases pick toll due to our own negligence at work which make us – and people around us – sick due to this careless behavior towards cleanliness practices. It eventually affects the overall performance of the workflow so why don’t we specify a special quota of our yearly budget and time in keeping the workplace clean and hygienic?
  • Have you ever noticed that where the time goes during the work when you are constantly checking your Facebook every once in a while? Let’s take a pledge and stop using social media without a purpose at the work and make most out of our available working hours.
  • There is another vow to take before you consider the list has ended and that is to not get stressed by the deadlines and pending projects. Instead of taking pressure in negative way, why don’t we try to delegate assigned work and complete every project in time (or before reaching the deadline)?

Things to Do In Apartment

cleaning services dubai

  • Can you remember when was the last time you repainted your apartment’s wall to spice up your residence? Don’t you think that this is a good time to put this on your ‘To-Do’ list for the year 2018 and give your residence a new life in coming year?
  • Most of us adopt a very bad habit of collecting unnecessary furniture items for the apartment. This not only creates arrangement problem for us but also costs us a hefty amount of money. Why don’t you add up the task of downsizing the furniture and keep only important articles in your apartment in coming year?
  • How good is your kitchen’s air duct after consuming the smoky elements while you cook delicious items? Stop ignoring the kitchen duct and put it on the list to make them clean and free of germs in coming year.
  • Recount the time you spend adopting a hygienic life or walk around and evaluate the cleaning condition of your apartment. Well, this could be on your list to devise a cleaning schedule for your apartment and keep up with your goals of living a hygienic lifestyle.

NOTE: Don’t forget that we provide cleaning services in Dubai, call us on 0800 25326464 now!

Things to Do with Friends & Family

cleaning services dubai

  • I can understand the work pressure and the burden of other commitments on your shoulder that kept you away from your social circle and family. But how about we prioritize things for the coming year and allocate more time to spend with the people that care about us – the family and friends?
  • We don’t support the idea of adding complex weight loss procedures but we do value the importance of using health free approach to stay in shape. So instead of joining a weight lose program that is beyond your limits, add green food on your list and get in shape. Give your partner/spouse light weight loss challenges to keep both of you fit and healthy.
  • It’s true that friends get angry at each other and sometimes ego gets into our way to make up to each other. Let’s make this coming year the year for patch-ups with the friends that couldn’t be in touch with us this year and reunite with the people that bring fun in our life.

Comment below and let us know about your New Year resolutions and also mention about the cleaning resolutions in particular.

You may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 if you are in search of cleaning services in Dubai.


With the arrival of December, the holiday season is just about to start soon and everyone seems to be quite excited about the preparations already. What’s missing in this excitement and preparation is the precaution element so being the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we thought to give everybody a reminder about it. So…how would you like to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year right after few days of it? As Michigan State University states in their latest post about the most contaminated areas of an apartment, we thought to compile a list of such problematic areas that increase cleaning problem at your premise. Do indulge yourself in all the preparatory activities but always keep yourself and the guests safe from the germs and bacteria that are waiting for you touch the surface. Read on and discover the most contaminated corners of your apartment.

According to MSU:

cleaning services dubai

Experts at MSU have mentioned in their recent report that the chances of finding germs in door knobs double during the festive season. This is the time when an unexpected amount of people will touch the door knobs and either leave or receive a certain amount of germs by touching it. So the chances of increased diseases in the house also emerge that might be the reason that you’ll have to suffer from an illness later when the celebrations are over.

They, however, suggested some preventive ways to keep the door knobs clean and avoid any unpleasant instances but a question that remains unanswered that are the door knobs only place that germs find attractive? So being the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we found some other places that need your cleaning expertise and special attention to prevent any unpleasant encounter during the festive season.

Dirty corners around the place!

cleaning services dubai

As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we have more places to identify that hold germs and pile of diseases without even your notice. So here they are!

  • Imagine throwing a party on Christmas Eve and witnessing your friends and family showing up at your doorstep, can you guess what is the item that is more likely to hold germs and diseases? It’s the doormat that you’ve put at the entrance but forgot to give it a cleaning treatment lately. The dirt and contamination is likely to increase with every other person pressing it against the shoe sole and entering the place. The worse thing is the chances of these people borrowing some of the germs with their shoe soles.
  • Think again about the scenario you’d have with all the guests at your place and recount the chance of containing germs and diseases. Have you thought about the sofas that are more likely to be occupied during that party time? Yes, it is the article in your apartment that is usually occupied during party and contains germs due to the sweat or otherwise.
  • Since there would be people in your place so don’t forget that the bathroom area is going to be pretty occupied all day long. Nope! We’re not judging you on its cleaning plans but here’s one thing that you might have forgot, the towels. See the same thing cannot be usable again after being used frequently with different hands. Yes, you got me right here!
  • Here’s a pro tip from our experience of cleaning services Dubai, never leave the remote uncover as it could be a strongest channel in use of germs and contamination. See, it would move from hand to hand so you should better keep it covered instead of letting everyone contaminated or get contamination to their hands through your TV remote.


cleaning services dubai

These were all about the places or items that are more likely to preserve germs and spread contamination issues but what about the solution? Have you got any plan to deal with these issues or counting on Santa to grant you a cleaning wish? Don’t rely on fairytales as you still can control the cleaning problems by following our recommendations that are mentioned below:

  • Start with door knobs! Give them a gentle cleaning treatment with hot water in conjunction with soap to remove that unseen and thin layer of dirt.
  • Second, move towards the doormats that need your attention and remove the dirty one with a clean one to prevent any intrusion of germs with the arrival of guests.
  • Right before the party begins, you need to do something about the contaminated sofa and we recommend calling the sofa cleaners and seek for their professional help.
  • Ah! I think we’ve already suggested preventing the contamination issue with the TV remote by keeping it covered.

These are just precautionary practices that can save your party from ruining due to poor cleaning plan but if you want a thorough cleaning treatment then you should contact professionals. You may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 to mention all about your needs and get suitable cleaning quotes. Happy holiday season!


Imagine yourself carrying a suitcase full of cockroaches and the airport officials stop you for checking. What would your answer be in reply to their interrogation? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see cockroaches in the first place let alone carrying them with you on flight. But there’s a couple caught in China who was carrying a suitcase filled with around 200 cockroaches and the answer was somewhat strange.

News: 200 Cockroaches on a Chinese Flight!

A representative noticed abnormal movements in the suitcase within X-Ray machine that appeared to be cockroaches. The airport officials, at Guandong’s Baiyun International Airport, stated that a couple found with a luggage containing almost 200 cockroaches on November 25, 2017. The discovery was alarming and frightening simultaneously for female officials at the airport as they opened the suitcase.

Upon asking about their intentions, the couple stated that they wanted to make an ointment based on ancient Chinese remedies. Yes! As Khaleej Times reported, they told the officials that the cockroaches were required to form an ointment for curing skin related problems.

The couple boarded without the case containing cockroaches as it violates the airport’s policy. However, the fate of those 200 cockroaches is still a mystery after the couple left them with staff.

Why Everybody Hate Roaches?

As the provider of pest control Dubai, we know the question itself is very stupid but this incident exposes a certain group that doesn’t mind the existence of cockroaches around them. Nope! It doesn’t mean that we should use a racist approach in case of cockroaches but still they are the least favorite being on this planet. And here’s why!

  • Firstly, there is some natural connection between their appearance and the feeling one gets upon spotting them around.
  • They are good at scaring certain people in certain places like in shower or during tea time.
  • The reason people don’t want to see cockroaches is because of their stealing habits.
  • Yes, they are easily attracted by anything edible so the most common place to locate them is your kitchen’s sewerage area.
  • There is a strong reason to consider them an abominable being and that is the diseases they spread.
  • Yes, they act as a strong medium for spreading different health related diseases in which gastroenteritis and salmonella top the list.
  • Majority of people complain about reddish marks they leave behind them or laying eggs that further increase cleaning problems in the premise.
  • Cockroaches could prove you a careless person in front of friends, family members and guests paying you surprise visits.

How to Prevent Cockroach Infestation:

The case of this Chinese couple is exceptional but the existence of cockroaches proves vulnerability of the place with respect to its hygiene and cleanliness. In case you are dealing with the cockroaches in your office, shop or even apartment, you need the help of experts that offer pest control services in Dubai. There are different solutions to deal with the severity of the problem but generally it involves about 3 stage pest control process.

You may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 25326464 to further discuss the severity of your pest infestation problem and book a pest inspection now.


Earlier this month The National reported a strange case in which a tenant was forced to vacate the apartment after asking the landlord to fix the cleaning problems. Basically, the apartment was affected by moulds which was impacting on the tenant’s health and creating various other kinds of problems. Upon investigating the matter, the problem was caused by a faulty AC duct that was making the premise damp which eventually led the tenant to face mould and other health related issues.

On the other hand, the landlord was assuming that it was caused due to tenant’s carelessness with respect to maintaining a sound cleaning system in the apartment. According to agreement and tenancy rules in UAE, the landlord has to bear all the expenses that incur in maintaining the facility. However, the landlord did agree on fixing the issue but on a condition that he doesn’t want to see the tenant in his apartment after the agreement ends instead of renewing the contract.

What Went Wrong?

According to the tenant, the situation was quite catastrophic for him as most of the furniture was in poor condition after this happened to his apartment. The sofas, the carpets and other items of vulnerable nature became pale and dull due to mould problem in the apartment. He even experienced choking while sleeping in his bed and was forced to sleep outside of the bedroom due to meager temperature issues of the place.

However the issue was identified by the cleaning company in Dubai but it was of no use for him because he is forced to leave the apartment against his will. The worst above all that happened to him was that he had been given a notice to vacate the apartment despite all of the issues he has experienced before mentioning it to the landlord. We cannot change what just happened but we may predict what could be the possible solutions to prevent the situation as this tenant experienced that caused him to lose the apartment.


As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we always recommend our customers below mentioned precautions to keep their premise neat, clean and organized to avoid such issues:

  • The air ducts develop dirt problems more often than other electronic items that you use in your home so it is imperative to get the cleaned ever 3 months in order to stay away from such issues.
  • We generally categorize the air duct cleaning in 3 stages i.e. foaming, cleaning and drying as this ensures that there are no moulds or dirt particles left inside your duct.
  • A dirty air duct can make your AC consume more electricity power on a high temperature that eventually leads to making the place damp and numb so it is essential you keep a check on your AC system.
  • For further assistance, you are advised to contact a provider of air duct cleaning services in Dubai in order to keep the place clean, mould-free and as organized as you want it to be.

You may get your air duct evaluated and fixed by reaching to us at 0800 25326464 now!


Everyone prefers to sit and work from a clean desk but when there are some dirty elements around, it could impact on your staff’s working capacity and overall performances. Are you ready to face business loss due to the staff negligence that is somewhere connected to the office cleaning? As a provider of a cleaning company Dubai, we understand what it means to lose an order, a big contract or any single project when your staff is not giving its best at the work.

So we try our best to make every corner of your office clean, tidy and organized that you don’t have to suffer from any such situation at work. We try our best to deliver what we mention in the cleaning contracts so you know what we’re doing to make your place clean. Read on and find out the key components of our office cleaning services when you hire us to manage your cleaning problems.

Work Area

  • Dusting off shelves and tables is essential for removing that mild layer of dirt that is hiding away your fixture.
  • Emptying bins is another essential part of routine cleaning tasks a cleaning company in Dubai would do for erasing the pile of junk from your office.
  • Organizing the files after general dusting helps to make the place look in place and managed properly.
  • The use of industry grade cleaning products when cleaning floor ensures that your office and staff is safe from germs and diseases lingering in the work premise.

Stairs & Lobby

  • Stairs are used frequently during working hour and it is the duty of every cleaning company in Dubai to take care of its cleanliness and maintenance when performing a cleaning activity.
  • Tiles have no less importance than other part of your stairs and lobby and should be maintained carefully with respect to their cleanliness. A cleaning company in Dubai would usually offer steam cleaning services for kicking out the dust particles in tiles.
  • It is vital to remove any clutter that your lobby area is containing as it would give a bad impression to passersby and clients walking into your work premise.

Kitchen Area

  • A kitchen is likely to experience dirt problems and cleaning challenges of different nature if there is at least 10 or more person that make frequent visit to the kitchen during working hours. A cleaning company in Dubai takes care of kitchen’s different section with smart cleaning options.
  • Apart from general cleaning, your kitchen would also require kitchen duct inspections in timely manner to make it clean and free of dust for a clean air flow.
  • All the bins should be emptied in timely manner for keeping the premise clean and free of problematic elements.


  • A cleaning company in Dubai would not neglect the washroom/restroom area of your office and perform adequate cleaning operations to make it usable every day.
  • All the bins would be emptied, the mirrors and floors would be mopped thoroughly and tissue rolls would be replaced routine-wise so your staff would never have to face any discomfort during working hours.

For more thorough details of your office cleaning, you may contact us at 0800 25326464 or drop an email at now.


Who doesn’t like a calm and clean environment on weekends when you could enjoy some ‘me’ time without worrying about all those germs and bacteria that snatch your peace of mind? Carpets – being an integral part of a residential premise – decide whether you’d enjoy that free time or keep yourself busy in finding a solution for all the dirt and dust related issues. Being the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai, we have seen people complaining about their carpets that get dirty fast and they have to invest in them again and again. So we thought to put together some useful carpet cleaning tips that could increase your carpet’s life and save you from spending excessive amount of money on purchasing new one.


If you really want to extend the life of your carpets then you first have to develop working strategies for cleaning schedules. See, every household has different cleaning needs and that becomes even complex when it comes to carpeted sections of the premise. Some areas are more occupied than others and some are rarely used so you need to focus on each area according to their usage for cleaning your carpets on routine basis. Most occupied carpeted areas like entrance area and living room required more attention so clean them twice a week. And those that are rarely used (or in your opinion need less vacuuming/cleaning) they can be taken care of once a week.


If you’re like most people, you rarely check your vacuum bags, aren’t you? This is one of the strongest reasons that your carpets never get a desired cleaning treatment and contain dust particles after you pass the vacuum several times on their surface. Being the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai we always ask about customers to check and replace the filters/bags in timely manner when they are handling carpet cleaning on their own. A filter that is already blocked by heavy dust particles and other elements would fail to pick up additional dust particles from the surface of your carpet. So before you go about cleaning the carpet, make sure that the filters have enough room to store additional dust particles off your carpet’s surface.


When picking up dust particles off your carpet surface, never forget to adjust the speed and height of your vacuum machine. See if the vacuum is adjusted too high or you pass it over the carpet too quickly, you’ll fail to pick up majority of particles and your efforts would be all in vain. In the similar manner if the height and speed is too low then it would collide with carpet’s surface and snatch the threads along with dirt particles. This can damage your carpets real quick and you’ll end up either in calling the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai or purchasing a new one.


Have you ever noticed how much dirt and oily elements you bring in to the apartment through that entrance area? This mostly happens when you never consider placing doormats and water absorbent mats at ideal places. Being the providers of carpet cleaning Dubai, we always suggest our customers to make use of doormats at places where your feet can bring in water, dust and dirt particles that mess up with your carpet’s cleanliness.