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5 Tips to Clean Your Home for Christmas

The Christmas is approaching and your kids must be waiting for Santa Claus and his reindeers for bringing in surprises and gifts right? Alas, the good old days of childhood have been over and we’re parents, spouses and working people (and providers of Cleaning Services in Dubai FYI) with the concern of a clean residence. But growing up has its own perk like preparing delicious dishes, arranging family gatherings and decorating the house on Christmas. So we gathered some interesting tips to clean your home for Christmas and keep everyone safe from hazardous elements that may affect your health level. So let the ‘cleaning’ begin…

Tip # 1: Keep the bathroom shiny and clean!

Before you roll up your sleeves to initiate the cleaning procedure, consider taking a start from bathrooms. From our experience of cleaning services in Dubai, we know the fact that bathrooms are one of the most occupied area of your house on Christmas because of unlimited number of people. So put those detergents and cleaning tools out and make arrangements for cleaning the bathroom. Replace paper rolls, rinse off stains from commode and clean up the mirror and sink to leave a nice impression on all your guests.

Tip # 2: Keep the living area clean

You wouldn’t disagree that anyone can show up on your doorstep on Christmas Eve to share family time or revive the college days. From our experience of cleaning services in Dubai, we’d recommend you to prepare the welcome area (the living room) for all types of guests with proper cleaning measurements and creative ideas. Dust off countertops (if you’ve any), make sure the cushions are clean and wash the carpets to make them dust-free. Take few measurements and maintain buy zolpidem online australia your clean and hygienic image in front of your guests.

Tip # 3: Use Doormats to keep muddy footprints away

With guests, mud and dust particles can easily make way into your house and spoil the neat and clean ambience of your residence. So we suggest you to put a doormat at entering points and keep such stains and dust particles at a length from the inner space of your residence. If you already use doormats at doorways, make sure they’re not too dirty and wash them at least once in a week.

Tip # 4: Cleanup your fridge!

We’re pretty sure that you’d be planning delicious and tasty dishes for all the guests and for your family (not to mention). But is there any room for new food items in your fridge or are you planning to pile up everything in a messy way? (I’m sure you won’t) So it’s time to initiate a clean operation for old food items and wash the door, shelves and grills to free them from different kind of food stains.

Tip # 5: Don’t forget about your hotspot!

It’s common to feel overwhelmed after the hectic routine of the day on Christmas so don’t forget about the place where you’d find peace – The bedroom. Given the fact that you’d be tiresome and not in the ‘cleaning’ mood, so you better keep the bedroom clean beforehand. Make sure the bedsheets, pillows and duvets are all clean and in place so when you enter the room, you won’t be thinking ‘how to clean bedroom when you’re tired’ simple as that.

We’d love to hear your plans for Christmas so use the comment section below and start discussing Christmas plans right away.