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carpet cleaning service


No doubt that carpets increase the charm of our premise but when they adopt stains, all the charm vanishes away and the carpet starts to give us a bad impression. There are certain occasions (and stains) when the need of calling Carpet Cleaning Service increases with high intensity but before you identify and call the service provider, the stains have already done their work. Some stains are not very hard to remove from your carpets but there are others that stick to surface and never get off easily and this is where you need professionals to handle the challenge. So we compiled a list of stains that only a professional carpet cleaning service can remove. Read along, discover when to call carpet cleaning service and save yourself from putting so much time into cleaning off the stains yourself.

When You Find Grease Marks

It’s always better to keep the mechanical activity off your carpet but let’s suppose you failed to keep it at a distance. You or anyone from your family brought in the tools in the living room and during the fixing process accidentally left some serious grease marks on the carpet. Grease is thick in comparison to other liquids and this is what makes it one of the most irritating stains to remove off your carpets and rugs. When all traditional cleaning approaches fail the professional carpet cleaning service steps in to fix the issue with its smart and effective cleaning methods. They know how to deal with the grease stains and bring back the flawless appearance of your carpet.

When Coffee Spills Off the Cup

Everyone likes to have coffee for refreshing their mind and focus on the task either in the office or when staying at home. But during this special time with a cup of coffee, sometimes the coffee gets excited and slips away from your cup to stick on the carpet and rugs. A wise approach is to soak the affected area with wet cloth to loosen the grip of coffee stain. And if you fail to do so, you’re going to regret for not taking action on time. Suppose, the action phase has passed and now this is the best time to call in the carpet cleaning service to get rid of coffee stains for good.

When Blood Remains on Carpet

It might be during the play or when you’re dealing with something edgy back at home and on the carpet (or rug) when the blood drops fell on the carpet. The instance itself is not very pleasant in terms of pain and also increases your discomfort when you find your favorite carpet stained with your own blood. It could be removed immediately by using hydrogen peroxide so if you’re in luck, apply the solution quickly as you spot the stain. And if you don’t have the solution of hydrogen peroxide, simply call in the carpet cleaning service and let the experts handle the job.

When Special Time Becomes Ugly

The leisurely times are one of the best moments to spend with a special person but what if these moments leave a serious mark on your memory that is related to your carpet? Yes, suppose you’re having a sip of wine that evening and a few drops (or the whole glass) of wine fells on the carpet and spoil your evening. Rush into the kitchen to find the vinegar and apply it on the affected part of the carpet. Don’t be disappointed if the stain doesn’t go away with this home remedy as you can always count on carpet cleaning service to fix this issue for you.

When Kids Leave Grass Marks

Children are unstoppable when they are playing out in the garden but when they bring some serious elements with them, it could impact on your carpet’s cleanliness. Sometimes they bring grass that is stick to their clothes and legs and as they sit on the carpet, you know the rest. Instead of scolding those little angels, you first need to rescue the affected carpet by applying soda water on the stain. This would loosen the grip of the stain from your carpet’s surface. And if you fail to do so, simply call 0800 25326464 to get carpet cleaning service and get your carpet fixed.

For further discussion about the type of carpet stains and getting carpet cleaning service, you may directly speak with our key account managers and book a service now.