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Cleaning services Dubai



Should a theft occur, you need to be assured that you are in safe hands! Before you hire cleaning services Dubai, make sure the cleaner is bonded for its house cleaning clientele. It is true that various cleaning service firms are not bonded, so the customers are provided with no protection. You should never take any risk in this regard.


If you have hired a maid, there are chances that she would slip and fall while cleaning your showers. It is thus recommended to get her insurance done. Usually, this is the duty of the companies. In case, the maid has no liability and there is no employee accident coverage, then you can do it yourself. Just be assured that there is no risk because it is not only the matter of your house’s cleaning but also of a person’s life.


Do not hire cleaning services Dubai without proper references. How many years has a company spent in this business? How the previous customers rate or review it? Remember to ask for references and the complete work history. You should never hire a maid without asking the below questions:

· How many years you have spent as a maid?

· Have you had any complaint? If so then how did your employer handle this?

· Are you familiar with different types of cleaning?

By asking the above questions, you can certainly be assured that you have not taken any wrong decision.

Employee hiring and screening

It is not so easy to hire a cleaning service provider because the competition is very high. Ask yourself questions like does the maid service check employee references? Are the workers’ criminal backgrounds checked? Has their residence status been confirmed? This is what we call screening and it is very important to have the documents checked. Usually, the firms who provide you with maid services keep these things on file. But you have to make sure that you don’t miss anything on your end and check your maid’s previous residence status, official documents, and other things before it is too late and something wrong happens to you and your family.

Cleaning products.

Last but not the least, you should check which cleaning products are being used. Many independent housekeepers and maid service providers would supply you with all essential cleaning products. In case they have not given anything, then we recommend that you buy such products yourself. These include harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach and other things. Make sure the cleaning products you use are safe for kids and pets.