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Spotting a wandering house fly is quite common in one’s household but what’s your plan to stop this unwanted creature from intruding your personal space? In my experience as a pest control engineer, I’ve witnessed many people complaining about house flies and how this irritating creature has given them an aggravating feel with that buzzing sound. Some people even expressed their concerns about cleanliness and how house flies spoil their hygienic life standards. If you’re also concerned about this pestering creature (scientifically known as Musca Domestica) then read on to eliminate this problem from your life for good.

Utilize Mint:

Over the years as pest control & cleaning company in Dubai, we’ve observed some patterns about house flies’ nature. We suggest our customers to make use of mints because house flies are not really fond of its smell. And the good thing is, you can easily find the right type of mint for keeping house flies away. You may use spearmint, peppermint or lemon balm in kitchen area and prevent house flies infestation. For bedroom and living area, you may also try basil to maintain decoration of your house and benefit from the refreshing fragrance it has.

Try Lemongrass:

When it comes to home remedies for preventing pest infestation, we empower our customers with multiple options to tackle with house flies. Our experience with lemongrass was satisfactory to control house fly intrusion before it gets serous so we highly recommend using lemongrass if the house fly problem is in its initial stage. You can easily find lemongrass from the market and use them in different ways to match with your settings and keep the flies away.

Get Electric Insect Killer:

If these home remedies fail to stop these annoying flies, you may opt for electric insect killers that are very effect in fly prevention. A normal electric insect killer would cost you around AED100/- or so and you may easily set a trap for these small flies that put a question mark on your cleaning measurements and hygienic lifestyle. To attract them, you may even use delicious pastries or something like that alongside the electric fly killer and trap them with the smell.

If you feel that things are out of your hands, you need to consult a professional pest control company for complete evaluation of your house. Speak with our customer reps on 800-25326464 or drop your queries at info@liverpooldubai.com