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The year 2017 is about to end and we’re soon entering a new year with so many ambitious targets to achieve and carry forward the current year’s pending tasks. As the providers of cleaning services Dubai, we are also very excited to set new goals and give ourselves new challenges to conquer. So we thought why not give our fellow readers some hints to set their goals effectively for the year 2018 instead of repeating the old, boring and de-motivating To-Do list that never urges us to push ourselves forward. We wish you people a very happy New Year in advance and hope that you make constructive and achievable targets for coming years to make your life more organized, serene and clean.

Things to Do @ Work

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  • Think about your work routine and you’ll have the visuals how you spend the working hours. Instead of keeping up with the old routine of laziness near 5PM, why don’t we start utilizing each minute in a constructive way?
  • During the working hours, we crush so many papers and trash them off without giving it a second thought that it could have been used elsewhere. So why don’t we adopt green work practices and save environment in coming years by utilizing less paper based products in our office?
  • Majority of diseases pick toll due to our own negligence at work which make us – and people around us – sick due to this careless behavior towards cleanliness practices. It eventually affects the overall performance of the workflow so why don’t we specify a special quota of our yearly budget and time in keeping the workplace clean and hygienic?
  • Have you ever noticed that where the time goes during the work when you are constantly checking your Facebook every once in a while? Let’s take a pledge and stop using social media without a purpose at the work and make most out of our available working hours.
  • There is another vow to take before you consider the list has ended and that is to not get stressed by the deadlines and pending projects. Instead of taking pressure in negative way, why don’t we try to delegate assigned work and complete every project in time (or before reaching the deadline)?

Things to Do In Apartment

cleaning services dubai

  • Can you remember when was the last time you repainted your apartment’s wall to spice up your residence? Don’t you think that can i buy cialis at walgreens this is a good time to put this on your ‘To-Do’ list for the year 2018 and give your residence a new life in coming year?
  • Most of us adopt a very bad habit of collecting unnecessary furniture items for the apartment. This not only creates arrangement problem for us but also costs us a hefty amount of money. Why don’t you add up the task of downsizing the furniture and keep only important articles in your apartment in coming year?
  • How good is your kitchen’s air duct after consuming the smoky elements while you cook delicious items? Stop ignoring the kitchen duct and put it on the list to make them clean and free of germs in coming year.
  • Recount the time you spend adopting a hygienic life or walk around and evaluate the cleaning condition of your apartment. Well, this could be on your list to devise a cleaning schedule for your apartment and keep up with your goals of living a hygienic lifestyle.

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Things to Do with Friends & Family

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  • I can understand the work pressure and the burden of other commitments on your shoulder that kept you away from your social circle and family. But how about we prioritize things for the coming year and allocate more time to spend with the people that care about us – the family and friends?
  • We don’t support the idea of adding complex weight loss procedures but we do value the importance of using health free approach to stay in shape. So instead of joining a weight lose program that is beyond your limits, add green food on your list and get in shape. Give your partner/spouse light weight loss challenges to keep both of you fit and healthy.
  • It’s true that friends get angry at each other and sometimes ego gets into our way to make up to each other. Let’s make this coming year the year for patch-ups with the friends that couldn’t be in touch with us this year and reunite with the people that bring fun in our life.

Comment below and let us know about your New Year resolutions and also mention about the cleaning resolutions in particular.

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